Fiance and I Fight over him spending money!


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Michelle - posted on 08/09/2013




It sounds like you guys need to sit down and set a budget. Have 1 person in charge of the money and each of you get an "allowance" each week.

Cecelia - posted on 08/08/2013




Since I've been unemployed and out on maternity leave my fiancé does not want me going back to work , simply because we cant trust no one with our baby. We share bank accounts and my check and his gets deposited in both our bank. We get our bills paid and buy the things we need for our daughter, but every week it seems like were struggling to make ends meet. And for some reason he feels just because he goes to work every day that its okay for him to buy beer. Just about every day or every other day he spends 15 to 20 if not more at the gas stations just on beer and cigarettes for him, that's not even gas. He waits till the last minute to put gas in the car. I feel like I go with out a lot all the time and I feel as if I should be able to do something for myself every so often. Even if I feel like he is wasting so much money just on them items for himself. I on the other hand don't smoke or drink, I don't go shopping for myself . No pedicures or manicures , nothing. He tells me I can go do things for my self. but I feel selfish if I do. I feel like we could be saving this money just incase . Should I get my own bank account?

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