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My daughter is 1 years old and she is now having problems with constipation. What foods do you feed your babies that are high in fiber? She is a picky eater she eats noodle half of a half of a pack of noodles, 1 Ritz cracker, @ three bites of baked meat. She did eat 4 sweet peas for me last night. She stopped eating her veggies for a minute so I was excited when she ate those 4 peas. I buy strawberries cut them in half so she eats like 3 strawberries. that is about the only fruit she will eat. And the big thing SHE IS STILL BREASTFEEDING!

Why do male doctors say ween them, and female doctors say that's good she is still nursing?


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I'd avoid giving juice, it can cause issues later with getting her to drink water, just keep offering more and more water. I found kiwi fruit a very effective remedy for constipation, it really seems to get them moving.

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Apple juice diluted will help with the constipation. Since you are still nursing you can adjust your diet to help with her constipation as well.

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Itsa is correct. Increasing her fibre will make the problem worse. Do however cut out foods that increase constipation (like cheese). Offer water continuously throughout the day. You can also get natural remedies for children for constipation from the pharmacy. Foods that act as natural laxatives for adults also work for children.

Most 1 year olds cut down their food intake and their weight gain also slows down after 9 months. Most professionals say to offer a variety of finger food throughout the day. Give her whatever she will eat but also continue to offer different things - dont be disheartened when she doesn't eat them.

Regarding your question about male and female doctors. Yes that's funny isn't it. The male doctors are saying it because they believe the old school thinking that babies do not need bottles or breast after 1 year old. The women are going with the newer thinking of the-longer-the-better. I also think that male doctors are not as hung up in general on breast being better than bottle.

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Chicldren do NOT need high fibre foods, this can cause coeliac disease which means they cannot process gluten (found in pasta, rice, bread, etc ALL GRAINS). Simply add more water and perhaps give her steamed carrots, mashed with sweet potato for example. Cut out cheese and bananas for a bit. But make sure she has more water. If she doesn't like the taste, then keep some water in the fridge overnight with some sliced fruit (strawberries, melon, etc) in an airtight container, and then serve the next day.

Making "mash" is a good way to hide foods. Mash up regular potatoes with some steamed cauliflower and a little bit of chicken (puree if needed), or s. potato, carrots and chicken. Try baking chicken with peaches and serve with sweet potato as well, sweet and healthy!

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