fidgety & pulling away from the breast

Spirit - posted on 01/21/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 4 month old has been really fidgety while nursing lately, by that I mean he's just constantly pulling away from the breast at nearly every feeding, or kicking up against anything he can find. Even when I move him so he cant reach anything he kicks and kicks and pulls. He'll nurse almost every 3 hours on the dot, usually not for long (10 minutes), He use to nurse for at least 45 minutes or so. but he has enough wet/soiled diapers so I know he's getting enough. 7-8 times a day nursing enough? And my main question is about the pulling away & fidgeting. Anyone else come across this or know why he's doing this or how to fix this? I have tried nursing in a quite room, a dim lit room and other feeding positions.. Nothing works.

Anyone have any suggestions or clues on why he is doing this or have the same problem?


Caryn - posted on 01/21/2010




He's probably just doing it because he can. When babies learn how to do new things they do it repeatedly for no appearent reason. As long as hes still having wet/dirty diapers and gaining weight he's doing just fine. He won't let himself go hungry. Let him tell you when he wants the boob and just go with it. Good luck hon.

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My son has randomly gone through phases like that (he's 7 months now). I don't know why! Is it possible your let down is too strong? Does he do it in the beginning and then calm down a bit? They also start to get really efficient at getting the milk out so it might just not take as long for him to get what he needs. My son only nurses for 5 minutes sometimes and then he's done.


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It sounds like he's just curious about the world around him. This is very common. He's also taking less time because he's becoming more efficient at draining the breast. He's probably getting a lot more in that ten minutes than you think. I've heard of 'nursing necklaces' that you wear around your neck. Baby is supposed to play with that while they nurse to try to keep them from looking around.

Casey - posted on 01/21/2010




My daughter is 5 months and started pulling off and seeming to want to move around while nursing at 4 months. Her doc said it could be acid reflux. She didnt do it at every feeding but for a few weeks it was constant behavior while nursing. I havent changed anything that I do and now she rarely does it. Really I am not sure why she was doing it but it seems to have past-Thank goodness! Hope this helps...

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