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Sarah - posted on 02/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey every one iwould like to ask any one who has an idea for me what can imake for my sons first birthday and also iwant it simple but iwould like my son to enjoy it hte most and am sad also cause idont have any friends who has any kids and my family is not with me at this time to help so what can ido to make my son happy and feel its his birthday please help cause his birthday after a month!!!!! Sarah


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I agree with Missy.  Our son's first birthday was more for us than for him.  He wasn't even interested in opening presents lol.  We did the cupcake thing too and it was much more fun, a lot simpler (and cheaper) to do ourselves.  Another tip to save money is to go to the Dollar Tree if you have one and get your decorations there.  They have some cute themes.  We got all the decorations for our son's party for less than $10.  I think we spent a total of about $40 on everything, including the food, not including his gifts.  We kept the food simple too...hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and some potato salad, etc.  I have a friend who spent a LOT of money on her daughter's first birthday party....I mean a LOT.  I think she said she spent close to $400 and my head about spun off my shoulders.  The $400 didn't even include the gifts.  I just remember thinking that with $400 I could have thrown 3 or 4 parties including gifts, food and decorations lol. 

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To be honest with you at 1 he isn't going to know it is his birthday.  Is there something that he really enjoys doing?  Somewhere he likes to play?  If you have a special park you go to you could take him there.  It's true when they say first birthdays are for the parents.  Does he like a certain toy?  Your son will feel special because the day is for him.  Are you trying to get party ideas?  We went with a first birthday theme and got my daughter a pin that said something like "birthday girl" she had a birthday hat, decorations of the same theme, etc.   We made a fuss over my daughter.  My favorite part was an idea I came up with.  I made every guest a cupcake and put a candle in each one.  We had everyone blow out the candle and make a wish for our daughter. 

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