First time traveling with 11 month old son

Sandee - posted on 03/10/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband and I will be traveling to the Bahamas with our 11 month old son in about a month. My son has never been on a plane and the last time we traveled with him, he was about 2 months old and still co-sleeping with us as well as not sleeping through the night. He now sleeps through the night in his own room. My concern is, when we get to the hotel, how can I make it comfortable for him to continue to sleep through the night if he either has to sleep in the bed with us or in the pack n play. If he sees us, he will not sleep. I've tried to co-sleep with him for naps to get used to it, but once he wakes up, even though he can put himself back to sleep, he sees me and wakes up and wants to play. Those naps usually don't last as long. He is also used to his pack n play, but only for naps and I plan on trying to put him in it in a different room to get him used to being in a different room as well. We are still debating on bringing the pack n play since the hotel states they will provide a crib, but may still bring our own since he is used to it. Any advice on traveling on a plane or help with sleeping will be much appreciated!! Oh, I'm also still breastfeeding, so I know I will be putting him on the boob for take off and landings. Thank you all in advance!!!


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Bring a carry on bag with snacks and small toys. Make it a mix of favorites and a few new things. Bring them out one at a time. Also be sure you have a blanket, stuffed toy, etc. that smells like home for sleeping. Don't freak out if he isn't on his regular nap schedule. Just do your best to nap when you can. If he won't sleep with you in the room, try sitting outside on the patio or hang a towel or sheet so he can't see you guys when you put him down. I'd personally leave the pack and play. You're going to have enough to carry and they charge extra for stuff like that. Do your best to cut down on your own stress, because he will sense it in you and get fussy himself.
Get him used to travelling now and your future vacations will be much, much more enjoyable. Good Luck!


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Jennifer - posted on 04/05/2013




A point I was unaware of was there are only a few child restraints they will allow on airplanes. When we travled with our daughter (as an infant), I was required to take her out of the sling for take off and landing. Just be prepared. A few new toys can be fun to toss into the mix as well. Try to relax and have a great vacation!

Sandee - posted on 03/26/2013




Thank you so much! We have decided to not bring the pack n play and plan on packing toys and stuff but didn't think to bring them out one at a time. Make sense, but my brain is not working properly and we leave next week! Still trying to not freak out and I think I'm doing ok now. Thank you again for responding. Really didn't know if anyone would!

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