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I bought this seat 2 years ago for my daughter.  We took to every restaurant when we were on our holidays and we found it fantastic.  Last summer we took it on holidays again for my son and he kept falling out of it.  He discovered if he threw his full weight sideways, he could get out of it and crash to the floor. And on one occasion he mangaed to topple the entire chair.  Won't be taking it this year!  Boys!!!! lol

Tracy - posted on 03/08/2009




I have a friend with one, she seems to like it. There are some seats that hook onto the table or whatever that fold up nicely and are easy to use or take with you somewhere. I dont know what they are called, sorry. If your looking for an at home booster Target has some that are just cheap seats but they strap onto the chair and there are straps to keep the kid in them, and then they grow with the kid!!

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