Five month old son and a father who I just can't seem to get along wit

Corinnesalazarchildcare - posted on 05/09/2018 ( 2 moms have responded )




To start, I would never take the birth of my son back for anything. But when I found out my boyfriend of only a month and I were pregnant, I offered him an abortion. I didn't have the money to care for a child, he does, we also barely knew each other. if I would have known how temperamental he was I would have passed! His single mom is a crazy alc who talks and treats him poorly so he thinks that's love and normal. They come from good money and I don't, he has a dad and a step mom who love him, I don't really have a dad. I always tried talking arguments out he yells tells me I'm piss poor my family is trash makes fun of my dad takes my phone because he pays for it and constantly breaks my things. I swear I'm not trying to talk shit but I feel if I stick it out all them time he spends AWAY from his mom he will learn better Heaney alread started. My point is it's gotten so bad to the point that IVE HIT HIM more than once!! I was very hormonal of course but he wouldn't stop breaking my things, I tried to get him to stop I even broke ok of out tv's so maybe he'd get how it felt! He wouldn't stop breaking my things and the into way to get him to stop was to shove him! I feel bad is this the end?


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Michelle - posted on 05/12/2018




Sorry, but you shouldn't have had a child with someone you didn't know.
Like Ev said, leave and go to court to sort out custody, visitation and child support.
No one deserves to be treated like that and you don't have to stay in an abusive relationship.
Think of your child, it's not fair on him to raise him in such an abusive environment. Do you want him growing up thinking that that is the way to treat women? Hopefully you would say no!

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