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I am a person who gets anxiety over a lot of things. I am a worrier by nature. When someone in my family comes down with the puking flu I can handle the situation, but then I worry the whole family will end up getting and I lose sleep over and my stomach goes super crazy. Does anyone have this same issue and if you do or did how do you handle it?? I have 2 boys and I would like another, but how can I handle my anxiety for more kids. I know it is going to happen if it happens, but why can't my mind just go with the flow?


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I have the same issue! I went to my doctor and was put on anxiety meds for a month. I found out I was prego in Feb and got off the drugs quickly, but we lost the baby in March. I also talked to a counselor once a week, which did WONDERS! If you don't really want to go on medication, I would say go and see a counselor. It is really worth it! If you don't mind the drugs (I was on a very very low dose) then its worth it to take those as well. It helped me to regain a sense of control. I would just let them know that you are thinking about having more kids and they will put you on somethign that is safer for the baby if you get prego. I have a cousin who was in a horrible accident and has been dealing with some MAJOR anxiety issues since then. She told me that you have to tell your mind that things are fine and be very strict with yourself. (sounds funny, but works) I have trouble going to the store and such, I get queasy and worried and my stomach hurts, but I have been able to make myself stay and after the first 10 or 15 minutes we are there, I suddenly feel better. Maybe just making yourself be in the situation will help. Sorry this is so long. :) I hope that you find something that helps you!

Lily - posted on 06/16/2009




I would go and speak to your doctor about this. I have alot of anxiety over my three children (1 of which was born prem) and went to see my GP and am now getting some help to settle my anxiety. Us Mums worry but if it affecting your life you need to do something about it. Good luck to you

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