Fluid in the brain found at 20 week ultrasound.

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I just found out today that I'm having a boy and my OB mentioned that he has fluid in the brain? As anyone would, I panicked, but she said not too, because the brain is still developing and that I would have another ultrasound at 30 weeks and she always sees cases of it going way.

I'm doing better now, but has anyone heard of this before, or know of someone that has been through it, (hopefully not!)


Meg - posted on 01/21/2012




Hi Katherine,

The ultrasound techs are required to mention anything as soon as they notice it. A higher level of fluid in the brain is more common than you would think, a friend of mine went through the same thing and was extremely upset at what she was sure was hydrocephalus. Her next scan proved that everything was normal and she was very upset at being put through the stress, but its simply their job to let you know. Her doc said most cases do normalise on their own.

I wouldn't worry! Just picture your healthy happy little man and all the fun you'll have with him and enjoy the journey!

Christy - posted on 01/21/2012




My son had this and I FREAKED. Ended up going away in uetero. (sp) Hang in there!

Katherine - posted on 01/21/2012




As long as the doctor is not worried, I wouldn't be. I know that doesn't help much, I would panic too. I would also trust my doctor.

Kyleigh - posted on 01/21/2012




How many weeks are you now? Im glad you feel better about it , Stressing about it isnt healthy for you or baby! A happy mama is whats best for the baby :) I wish you well in your pregnancy! Please keep us posted! Best Wishes.

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Thanks! For the advice! Just waiting now for the forever long wait for the 30 week ultrasound!


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Larissa Nichole - posted on 05/05/2013




Happening to me right now. My boyfriend and I are so worried we don't even want to talk about it. It was so weird at the ultrasound because the baby was so active they couldn't get all the measurements they needed. She told me it could just be the way the baby was positoned. Im very hopeful that there is nothing wrong. My boyfriend already has a child with a brain condition but they swore to him that it wasn't genetic. 4 weeks is taking forever to get here!

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I'm 20 weeks. You're right, stress is the last thing that we both need right now. I'm remaining to stay positive! Thanks for the support and encouragemnet! I will definitely keep you posted, as I won't know anything until I get to 30 weeks as that's when my OB recommended the next Ultrasound! Thanks again!

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Thanks for the reponse. I surely feel alot better now. Still in the back of my mind, but overall doing much better!

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