Four year old son's nostril is competely!

Jenn - posted on 04/11/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




So my four year old has a cold and his nose was really dried out the last few days and he has had these really hard boogers (sry for my lack of a better word) in his nose. He would pick at them and it would start bleeding and then would just dry up all over again.. Well, when he woe up this morning sayig he coukldnt breate goood, I looked up his nose and it was horrible. His entire right nostril is completely BLOCKED, with dry boogers mixed with blood. I tried to pick it out because it is literelly right at the opening but he freaked and cried, it is hard as a rock and its a thick layer totally clocking is nostril. I have honestly never seen someones nose llocked in my life, i feel so bad for him. I am getting a bit worried about it cuz it just looks so terrible.any advice on how to treat this?? I cant just pik it o ut cuz it hurts him a lot and will bleed a lot. Thanks in advance:)


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Zina - posted on 01/12/2016




My 4 year old sweet heart has a blocked nose it's been 3 months till now and we are still looking for the culprit. First it started with cold , congested nose and chest and then it was a total blockage of the nose .We have tried saline, antihistamines ,flonase and all this medicines were under the consent of her Doctor and still no good results !!!

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I went to the doctor. He told me with all 4 of his kids he put normal salt, in water, and used a bulb syringe to put a few drops in, then suck it out.

Also, our son is stuffy right now and I'm boiling Vicks in water and letting him smell it, or putting it in the room for a while. The vapors/steam should help too. I got this from my mom and also asked a pharmacist- he said he did it with his kids but my son was too young to put it on him.

Just with these, we've been doing great. He sometimes sounds like a pig its so bad. Hope this helps! :D

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This has been my 15 month old's nose for a few weeks. Poor kids! I don't pick it when it's dry, because it peels off the skin, too. Soak it with a wet, warm washcloth. Since you have a four year old, maybe you could get a bowl of warm water and make a game out of it - can he put his face in it and blow bubbles with his mouth, now can he blow bubbles with his nose. That should loosen it up. After it's soft, it doesn't hurt as much to pick it off.

A humidifier in his room should also help.

Hope his cold is over soon.

Shannon - posted on 04/12/2011




Little Noses, saline is AMAZING, safe for little ones and it keeps the nasal passage moist

Kimberly - posted on 04/12/2011




I would see a doctor, or a pharmacist for a suggestion. They would be able to suggest a safe product to use to help.

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