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Since about the second or third trimester of my pregnancy, I have had absolutely no want nor need nor urge to hang out with friends. My husband wants us to go see certain people sometimes, and it's really hard telling him that I don't want to because I do it all the time. Does anyone else feel this way?

In my situation, I have a pretty big family and I see them all the time. I go over to my dad's house for dinner every Saturday, so I think I get all the socializing I need from that. And I feel like my life is so great as it is, why try to mess it up with complicated friendships?

And it's nothing personal to all the friends I had before. They are great people. I just feel like...I don't need any outside relationships. Will I ever again???


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Just make sure your friends understand because it may be a while before you want them around again. You have a lot on your mind right now and will most likely want someone to talk to at some point. Don't let them think you are blowing them off for other reasons!

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well my son is twenty months old and not to long after i got pregnant i got the same way except for the people i was hanging out with wernt that great of people an i did not want them around my son, so now i have no friends and im kinda ok with it i sometimes think it would be ok to have one or two but then i just go play with my son an forget about it, so im not sure if youll ever want to hang out with your old friends but you might


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I completely understand! When I was pregnant I didn't want to be around anyone, barely my family I could only stand to be around them in small doses, I didn't even answer the phone when I was pregnant...I wasn't depressed and it wasn't that I didn't like my friends or family anymore, I think it's just that you have so much going through your mind, worrying about the baby and what you have to get for the baby and make sure you are ready and worrying about labor and's kind of like you're in a "zone" and that you don't want anyone to take you out of it or take your mind off of it for fear of messing up or forgetting one of the million things you think you need or need to do before the baby comes....After my daughter was born I wanted everyone to see her but after they did I didn't want them around again, I slowly started answering the phone, my daughter is 13 weeks and I'm now slowly starting to do things and actually want to go out and be around people again...with my baby of course

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Hi! I somewhat understand. I feel content and happy with my family. I have a group of friends from college (mostly married but with no kids) that gets together once a month. Sometimes I don't want to go but I make myself and then I'm glad I did. Being with other women is such therapy! My advice would be to keep your focus on you family, but don't totally isolate yourself from your friends. You don't have to go to every event, but make an effort to keep in good graces with them. You never know when you might need a good friend. I hope this helps. You are blessed to have such a wonderful family that you want to spend all your time with!

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