from being a baby to 7 months my son is still being sick

Danielle - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




my son is 7 months now and he is still sick all the time after feeds right up till his next bottle. we have changed his milk so i know this is not the problem. ive been to the doctors twice and have rang health vistor quite a few times and they just say his getting used to soilds,remember his only got a little stomach and as long as his putting weight on. he only weighs 15.5 lbs now. he has been on soilds since he was 3 months and he doesnt have much compared to alot of other children his age. he has porridge then bottle,then for lunch he has half jar of veg and bottle,for dinner he has half jar and half jar of fruit then bottle and just before bed he has a bottle, total of milk 27ozs. we have also cut back on soilds and is still making no difference. he goes through clothes and bibs like anything. he also sits in chair for 30 mins to an hr after feeds before i let him roll around and he is still sick. again im going doctors next week as surely this cant be right.


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Christy - posted on 03/28/2010




Acid reflux maybe? Get a second opinion. Both my kids has this, and also an allergy to milk/formula that they grew out of. They both has to be on Similac Alimentum, and prevacid for the acid reflux. If they didn't take the meds, they constantly threw up. Eating was an ordeal. They grew out of the acid reflux as well, at about 9 months.

Kristin - posted on 03/28/2010




Maybe try just the solids without the bottle for meals, and then give bottle later. The fluids may be making the whole mix to fluid and causing it to come back up. Maybe thicken his fruits and veg with a bit of cereal and keep the cereal a bit thicker too. As long as he isn't in pain and continues to put on weight, you should be okay.

As for his size, both of my boys are/were small at that age and still a little smaller now. They are both active, healthy kids.

But definitely talk to a pediatrician and get a referral to a dietician. They may have some good tips to try.

Renae - posted on 03/28/2010




I think you need to ask for a referral to a paediatrician. You will find that the medical practise in general is not concerned with diagnosing problems in infants unless they are considered a failure to thrive (even when in severe pain from feeding like my baby was). But be persistent and keep asking until someone gives you a logical answer (which is not "most babies grow out of these things").

Have you considered talking to a paediatric dietician? Not so much to discuss his diet, as it sounds like any and every type of food causes the same problem. But I found that dieticians see a lot of babies with tummy related issues and the dieticians seemed to know more about it than the doctors. It was a dietician who told me what type of specialist I needed to see and had better ideas about what might be wrong.

Chelle - posted on 03/28/2010




my daughter will be 11months on the 8th and has only just grown out of the sicky stage. she used to spit up (only a little) after most bottles and feeds. i think it might have been reflux but it never seemed to bother her and she gained weight the end it sorted its self out.

Danielle - posted on 03/28/2010




thank you but i sometimes i do him proper food and he still brings it back up x

Samantha Neil - posted on 03/28/2010




my 2nd was this way he couldnt deal with the baby food so what we did was make our own and never had a probelm after this ... i know its a lot of work but he stoped getting sick theres something in the baby food that didnt work with him little tummy ... maybe try that and go from there ... best of luck !

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