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How do I manage my time from housework, spending time with the kids, going to the store and trying to get a hour at least for a nap or to read a book?


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for me, my boys are 3 1/2 and 19 months. this is how my day usually goes...630/7 wake up and breakfast, while they eat i empty the dishwasher, clean the counters and figure out lunch (our "big" meal of the day as we are all home and awake). when they finish breakfast we have play time, after play time my living room is trashed so they pick up their toys (i have 4 bins of toys one for each week of a month...they only have one bin out at a time...1/4 of the toy mess and all the toys get played with) and books. once toys and books are picked up we have lunch then my youngest goes down for a nap and my oldest has quiet time...he lays on the couch and watches a movie or two cartoons. while they are resting i do laundry(yes laundry every day) and if my floors need it (and they usually do) i vaccum really quick as all the toys and books are off the floor. after the nap/quiet time is another play time (usually outdoors) and then we come in for wind down time with toys/books while i make our dinner. after dinner they go to bed. for the first hour after they go to bed (now my boys are in bed and asleep no later than 7) i do a power clean....bathrooms, floors and what every else needs to get done. after 8 its MY time. when i have to go to the store or run errands i try and do it in the morning as my boys are happiest and the stores are less crowed. if i need a nap during the day (and lately for whatever reason i have been really tired) i try to catch a bit of sleep during the nap/quiet time...its always down stairs with my oldest on the couch with me.


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That is the thing once you have 2 or more kids you don't get that much time to yourself unless they are old enough to play by themselves for a bit or take naps at the same time(which never happened with me). Sometimes you just have to let the house work go a bit to get some time to yourself. I should be folding some laundry right now but I'm on here because my 2 girls are playing nicely together and my son is at a friend's house. My 3 yr old has been at me all day and I'm enjoying some me time :)

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We try to have an hour of quiet time everyday. They can take a nap, read a book, or play quietly in their room while I have time to nap or read. I usually do my house work first thing in the morning, that way I have all afternoon to play with the kids. Also before bed the kids help pick up toys and do the dishes and such. Usually they either do the dishes or pick up toys and I do the other. :) As for shopping, we usually go in the afternoon or evening, but it is a family event.

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This is very age dependent. You kids can help, as was mentioned before. Nap during nap/quiet time, or read a book then. You can do some housework while they are playing. Wait on some of it until they are in bed. Our family plans out menus for the week and we only shop once. You can change things during the week, but it does help cut down on the what are we haveing business. Kids love to be involved with cooking. Let them do things that are age appropriate. My two year old loves to help with dressing the salad and getting silverware to the table. the five year old would try to do it all himself, except we do like to eat food that's been cooked on occasion.

As long as you are talking to you kids and giving them your undivided attention periodically throughout the day, you will get what you need done accomplished. I don't expect my home to look like the pages of a magazine. I would rather play silly games with my kids and color. Largely this is about priorites and what level of clutter you can live with. It gets better as they age and can help relieve you of some of the work.

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okay first off...housework: try to get them involved(depending on age) ask them to pick up their toys or even help u with the dishes. this will help them learn to take responsibility for their things and other house hold chores. Spending time with your kids: you can always spend time with them weather u are cleaning or going to the store...take them with u or talk to them while cleaning. Nap or book: wait til your little ones go to sleep then take a nap yourself. reading your book is easy sit them on your lap and read it...u are spending time with them and also doing something u want to do. or if they are independent then give them a book to read also. even if they cant read it they still like to enjoy the pictures...hope this helps you :)

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