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Heather - posted on 04/03/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Is it just me or do the husbands of stay at home moms take us for granted? I dont know about anyone else but my life gets to be dictated by the drill sergeant currently known as my husband. If I want to go to a friends there is a third degree fight and he always wins. Im stuck. I feel like that woman in the movie waiting.. when there is a married couple at the table celebrating their anniversary and he gets a jack and a couple of shots and he lets het get a coke like that was her celebretary drink. I hate being controlled, I know its my fault for putting myself in this situation. I love my husband but sometimes I need my own time and I dont ever get that. Somebody anybody please advice I need it.


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Whitney - posted on 04/15/2014




Ha ha I a agree I finally left my husband home alone with my 9 month who gets into anything and everything and is being a teething monster. I gave him a list of things to do like laundry, dishes, clean the bathroom, etc and left him alone for about 10 hours then came home and did nothing. He's been way better about stuff and has been actually helping a little more. Hope that helps. :-D

Ann - posted on 04/07/2014




I agree with you 100%. My husband never appreciated what I did at home for him and his kids. Said I sat around all day and did nothing, or went out with my friends more than focusing on our household and said I was being selfish. So for one week I did just that, or mostly the bare minimum because I actually love to clean and keep MY home tidy. In a week I managed to have dirt and grime over every surface of the house. Dust caked on shelves. Laundry hampers over flowing with dirty laundry. Dirt littering the floor from not vacuuming and dirty dishes left in the sink every single day that accumulated pretty darn quick. He asked why the house is a mess and I simply put this is what happens when I sit around all day doing nothing which is what you said I did. He was appalled that the upkeep of a house and upbringing of children is a lot more than he expected. You need to make a stand or you will either have to leave your husband or be stuck with being put on the back burner with him to control your every move and you will never have any freedom, and your life will be miserable with him. I know that if I didn't do what I did, and keep doing what I do and make sure it be known to him that he doesn't control me anymore and that I do what I want when I want, I would either be a single mom with 2 kids, or still have my life ruled for me.

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no that is not normal stay at home parent. Your husband sounds like a controlling jerk! I get to have things and do what I want and so does my husband. Neither of us is that strict. You have rights too and if he doesn't respect that he doesn't deserve to be your husband anymore, they get worse as they get older NOT better if there are problems.

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