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Carol - posted on 07/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi ladies! I need some help. I don't spend much time at all with other moms so basically i don't have anyone really to ask questions about baby. My 9 month old has been sleeping through the night since she was 5 months old. Her naps unfortunately are only 30 min at a time :( but i'm thankful she sleepings through the night! I realize i feel so stressed when i'm out and about with baby. I'm not very rigid at all with schedules/routines. But we do have a general schedule and routine. But i'm always stressing out when i'm out hanging out with family or others and all i can think of is baby's bedtime (7pm) partly because i know at 7pm is when i finally get a break. husband can't help much. i honestly look forward to baby' bedtime only because i'm so tired! my question is should i be so stressed/worried about baby's sleep? i'm always stressing that i.e. baby has been awake for 5 hours and she hasn't napped yet OR its getting too late and we are not home, baby is going to get sleepy, OR baby only sleeps for 30 min which means i have to time it carefully every day to make sure she goes to bed around the same time. i also stress out about different times when baby took a late 30min nap, how do i go about it? i mean, do i wait a couple of hours for baby to get tired before putting her down for bedtime or nap time? that's actually what i have been doing. I don't understand if baby is able to go to bed at night after a short but late nap?? Please, i need some direction. TIA.


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