Fussy 2 year old

Kylie - posted on 02/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a boy that was 2 in november. Since I started him on solid food at 6 months he has not eaten anything much thats good for him. IF he eats He will eat toast for breakfast, a polony sandwich for lunch and about the only thing he will eat for dinner that isnt completely junk in pasta. I keep offering him vegies and mixing it or pureeing it in with his dinner and he either wont eat it or sorts it in his mouth and spits out the vegies. Its at the point that his 7 month old brother is eating more than him and better foods than he ever has. I should mention that he does eat bananas and apples as snacks during the day, which is the only good thing he does eat. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Crystal - posted on 02/25/2009




My son is a picky eater so I buy the Ensure or Boost for kids especially during the winter. For some reason he likes these and they are good for him. That way I know hes gets some type of good nutrition a day.

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My son, who is 23 months old, is the same way! I used to let him eat when he was hungry (mostly because I am a snacker and he would want to eat when I ate), but I have started to make set times for eating - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack - and that has seemed to help some. Last night he didn't want to eat and I told him that he wouldn't get anything until snack time and that he couldn't have ice cream if he didn't eat his dinner - he ate everything one his plate plus some! Maybe you could use a reward system for a little bit - a sticker chart or a treat for dessert if you eat everything. I am going to do the "no thank you bite" with my son when he gets a little bit older. the other thing that my friend told me was to keep offering the foods to them. They will try it eventually. It takes 7 - 8 times before someone will actually like something sometimes, so keep offering it. I hope this helps some - I understand what you are dealing with!

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