Future mom wants to work from home as a blogger - need advertising advice

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Hi everyone,
I appreciate you letting me join the community although I’m not yet a mom, trying to get pregnant these days. The main reason I’m here is I want to prepare myself since I’m going to be a single mom and I think it needs a bit more organizing.
I’m 43, been very career oriented most of my life, working 12 hours a day, going out after work, hardly seeing my home in day light and it was great for most of the time.
Recently I quit my job and spent two months at home - it was amazing! The best time I ever had! Unfortunately I had to go back to working but I miss home every day and I know I would want to be with my child as much as possible. It’s strange to me, it might be normal for you, I have no idea, never felt like this before – it’s just that I don’t want any bosses, co-workers or clients anymore, I want a simple quiet life at home, writing, gardening and being with my future child.
So I decided I’m going to find a way to make a living out of my new blog, I know a lot of moms do it and I would love to get your advice.
I’m a digital marketer so obviously I know how to get traffic; but I always worked for companies, never had to deal with making profit from ads and reviews.
So any advice you could give would be appreciated: is Google ads the best option? Wordpress? Contacting advertisers directly? What about affiliate programs like Skimlinks for example? Are there any other options I don’t know about?
Thanks in advance and if you want any digital marketing advice feel free to ask.
Have a good one!


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Yes Google ad is the best option. I would recommend don't create content just for the sake of Google ads, start creating content which will attract visitors. Once you start getting a constant organic traffic on your blog, then apply for Google Adsense. Once your account is approved, you can then start earning money through Google ads.

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