Gestational Diabetes with first pregnancy

Jackie - posted on 01/14/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I were talking about trying to have another baby. I am concerned about getting pregnant again because of have gestational diabetes with the first pregnancy. We were fortunate that our son was fine and I was fine after the delivery but I still can't help but be concerned about it. There are many risks with having GD. I was really good when I had it and took very good care of myself. I just wonder if I would be able to do it again with having a toddler and making time to do all the things with having GD. I suppose I wouldn't have much of a choice . I am over weight to begin with and diabetes runs in my family so I worry about diabetes anyway but getting GD puts me closer to getting diabetes. That's my other concern. I do get checked every year for diabetes. I just don't know about another baby I would love to have another one but I am basically scared to death to have one. I had my son through a c-section because his heart rate was fluctuating . It was scary. If we are to have another baby it would have to be this year because I am 34 and I said point blank that I don't want to have a baby at 35 because of there being other risks involve with getting older and having a baby. I know for some women are fine with that but I'm not. Can anyone offer any advice?


Jennifer - posted on 01/14/2010




First of all, you can't put a time limit on having a baby. Those risks increase gradually with age. They don't just happen overnight, because you had a birthday. Secondly, take a couple months or so and get a little healthier. Exercise, watch what you eat and get started on the right track, then try for a baby. No matter what, you could still end up with GD, but your chances will be decreased and your body will be a lot healthier to deal with the demands of pregnancy.

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