Getting away to be a better mom- Things to do outside of the house?

Taylor - posted on 03/04/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm a SAHM of an extremely energetic 2 year old boy and another extremely energetic 8 month old boy. I love my kids, I can't imagine having a full-time job that would require me to be away from them 40 hours a week-- Not that we could afford the day-care costs anyway. Recently I have found myself really, very, EXTREMELY stressed out. I feel like every word out of my mouth is, " NO!" or, "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" The endless laundry, cooking, dishes and diapers is really starting to get to me. I hardly ever leave the house to do anything. I certainly never go out by myself. I've reached a point where the stress and frustration from one day just rolls into the next, I never have time to unwind and I find myself constantly yelling at my kids and snapping at my husband. I feel like some me time would make me a better mother and wife.

That being said, I need reccomendations for things to do outside of the house. I'm still nursing my little one (Stubborn boy will not take a bottle) so I can't/don't feel comfortable commiting to a job that will require I be away for long periods. Money is tight so preferably something that is very cheap or free would be great. As pathetic as this sounds, I don't really have any friends to go out with.

I would really love any advice/words of encouragement from anyone who has felt or is feeling this way. Thank you so much!


Amy - posted on 03/05/2011




I can relate to you. i live in a small town 45mins away from any real town, my friends and family i looked on line and found a mommy and me group and joined that. its great because i got to meet other moms in town and my son gets to play with other children its only a couple hours a week but it does help get me out of the house and i get to talk to other people besides my husband and his mother. try looking at or mommy and me groups in your area or maybe even start your own group. hope this helped you.

Victoria - posted on 03/04/2011




I understand exactly what you mean. I have been going through it for quite some time now. For times that I cant get out of the house I wait until my son is fast asleep and I would enjoy a nice bath with candles and either read a book or listen to some music. This helps with my stress. I dont get out much either and dont feel bad because I cant say I have any friends either. But every now and then when I get the chance I might go for a walk in the park or catch a movie. I also just started trying yoga. It helps relax me during the day, you should try it. I dont really know much else except catching a movie or even going ice skating. But they are all closing down now since it is getting warmer. I hope I helped out some.


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Heather - posted on 01/11/2014




I feel like you. I have to be a stay at home mom we have a toddler with down syndrome. I can't work due to appointments illness. I also have to boys. and money is so right. Our family has a problem with our daughter being didisabled. So no help from grandparents. We are struggling to just pay bills and my husband works 6 days seek to just help us live. I'm just so tired of the same routine. Looking for the same free or cheap stuff to do.

Charlie - posted on 03/05/2011




hi chick
i understand what your saying i myself have 3 kids and just lately feel like i carnet breath my partner works long hours so feeling like a single mum is hard
and even when i get them to bed there still no time coz then there's the uniforms need ironing an bottles need doing and a little clean up once that is done i just want to climb into bed
but just lately ive gone volunteer as a victim support worker start in 2 weeks and can not wait for that time to be doing what i love :)
i love my kids more than words can say but i think every mum needs to get out have a break and meet new people
hope all goes well and you fine some think soon chick
life is like a roller coaster you can love it scream about it
or hate it and regret it :)

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