Getting him to eat home made foods

Charlotte - posted on 11/24/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi, i've been feeding my son solids for about 6weeks, in the past he wud take the odd bit of home made food, like banana n apple, but now since we got some tins in he wont take anything i make him, i tried, chicen an potato yesterday, but that didnt go down at all, he ate a little mash potato today, but not much, is it just a case of keeping on at it? or is there a way in which i can get him to eat what i make, please help! Thanks


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Renae - posted on 11/26/2009




Try mixing a bit of home made food into his jar food (just like they say to for switching from breast milk to formula) and gradually increase the amount of home made food as he gets used to it. Emily is right though, it can take 20 tries to get them to eat something new. I would also make sure it is of the same consistency that he is used to, not too gluggy not too runny.

Wendy - posted on 11/26/2009




if at 1st an all of that, and it is a case of trial and error he might not like the taste of some things, it took my nearly 2 yr old to eat some plain things but she would eat sweet and sour sauce with rice and she has only just started to eat a bit of meat, some babies are lazy eaters like my 3 yr old she didn't like food she had to chew alot

Killishawndra - posted on 11/24/2009




Also it helps if you remember that his taste buds are different from yours, so he'll like bland foods, without much salt or seasonings..

Emily - posted on 11/24/2009




Sometimes it can literally take 20 tries! You can also mix something he likes in with it--just make sure it is a good mixture!

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