Getting out of pull up??

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I have a 4 year old son that will soon be 5 and he is potty trained during the day and hasn't had an accident in a very very long time. Night time is a different story he is a lot like me, I drink water in the middle of the night (i just wake up thirsty). My mother in law thinks I should get him out of the pull ups now and I am just not sure because I always thought it was something children will just grow out of, his pull up is not dry in the morning. Maybe twice a month he will have a dry pull up. Any suggestions for me to get going in the right direction?

I know I need to stop the drinking at night. I also have thought about instead of putting a pull up on him after bath time waiting till he is ready to go to bed because he always comes and tells me that he is going to sleep. He watches tv for about an hour after bath time but he is already in a pull up and I never check to see if it is dry before bed. Anyway, thanks for any advice or tips.


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Sherri - posted on 06/16/2012




His bladder is immature. He will grow out of it when his body matures, there is nothing you can do to stop the bed wetting. Many children will bed wet till they are 8 or 9yrs old.

Most pediatricians will tell you NOT to wake your child all it does is give your child broken sleep but in no way helps them to become night trained.

Bethany - posted on 06/15/2012




oh yeah, leave the pullup until literally right before bed time and tell him to go to the toilet right before that, say he needs to squeeze all todays wees out before bed 'cause they're today's wees, not tomorow's wees so you have to do them today.

Don't worry about water through the night, if you're thirsty, you're thirsty, and that's that.

Ignore family members and their opinions. What the hell do they know about your kid?

I'll personally be nappying my daughter at night until she's dry overnight for a whole month. It won't be any time soon. She was 3 in Feb. She's been in undies during the day for a year. Some nights she wees so much I change her through the night as I can smell it when I check on her so I just whip it off and pop another on for her. Some nights she doesn't wee all night, then wees in the loo when she wakes up.

She's in cloth, so cost's not an issue. If it is an issue, there are alot of cloth alternatives for older kids out there, if you don't want to be forking over the money for disposables. One nappy with wee in it is not hard to rinse out and throw in with the daily wash. I'm a bit of a cheapskate, so use those cheap plastic tablecloths with the soft cotton backing under her sheet. It's crinkly, but if she doesn't like it, I say that it's to keep the wee off her bed and when she puts all her wees in the toilet, we can take it off.

Bladder control is not a skill, it is something we do when our bodies are able to receive the right signals in time. It is not something that can be learned. And you're completely correct: it is something children do just grow out of, just not to every busy-body's schedule.

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My youngest daughter was the same - dry during the day, since she as just over 2, but still wet herself at night when she was 3 or 4, I don't really remember the exact age. Almost by accident I realized that all it came down to was laziness on her part to get out of bed and go to the bathroom in the morning. We were visiting my in-laws, and I forgot to bring pull-ups along. I really didn't want to go out and buy another pack, as I still had a lot at home, so I told her that if she peed herself it would be all gross and stinky, and her sleeping bag would be all wet and yucky. Well, it worked. She was dry both nights we were there. I figured if she could do it there, she could do it at home. She had one or two accidents, but basically she was dry at night after that.

Melissa - posted on 06/14/2012




many children boys in particular take longer to be dry at night, be patient.

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What you need to do, is put him in regular undies and put a bed protector sheet on his bed (in case of accidents) . Remind him before bed that he is wearing plain undies, not a diaper and keep repeating it, so that he can try to remember and it becomes part of his subconscious (this will take some time; I have to remind my daughter of this during the day). Then like some of the other Mums said, wake him up several times during the night at exactly the same time every night (3 or so times and set your alarm clock) and he will be trained in no time. Make sure, though that he is wearing lose undies and jammy pants, that once he gets the hang of it by himself, that it will be easy for him to get them off when he has to go.
And regarding the drink issue, many kids/adults sleep with their mouth open for at least part of the night, thus the dry mouth and need for a drink. If he calls for a drink during the night, make sure you take him to the toilet too, even if it's unscheduled.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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:D Thanks for the help! He is with my mother right now and when I get him back I will go by some stuff for the bed so he doesn't ruin the bed and start working on this process! Thanks lady's!

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I have to wake my daughter 2 times a night, but every time she wakes dry (at the designated times) I push them back, my hope is that eventually by the time she is 2 I wont have to wake her more than 1 time, then by the time she is older she can get herself up to go potty.

You could wake him before you go to bed and have him go one last time or when he gets up to get a drink have him go again. I don't drink anything at night and Ruby is on temporary fluid restrictions.

Kaitlin - posted on 06/13/2012




I'm always thirsty at night too, and with the go-go-go of the day, most of my water consumption usually happens in the afternoon and evenings. So at night, I'm still making up for it. I've been working really hard on drinking MORE water as soon as I wake up and in the morning, and i have found it helps a lot with my needing to drink (and pee) at night. I would try that. The more water you can get him to drink in the morning, the less he'll need at night. And it may be partially habit, partially dehydration, so you have to work that out together.
You can also try getting underwear or bed sheets that have an 'alarm' that wakes them up to go pee. Or, before you go to bed, wake him up to pee and then put him back to bed. Get him in the habit of waking in the night to use the bathroom, and that will help too
Good luck!

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