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My fiancee, our three month old daughter and I have just moved into our new place. We've been there for a week and now there are ants in almost every room! We don't leave food out where they can get to it, they're not in the pantry or cupboards and they don't seem to be after food. We've tried Ant-rid but they ignore it, we've used Ant-sand outside and that's helped and we've sprayed them but it smells bad and I don't know if it's good for the little one. But the nasty little things are crawling through the gaps in the walls that our landlords unintentionally made when they took the window frames and skirting board off to paint the walls. My question is how do I get rid of the ants and make sure they never come back without harming my family?


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Get Diatomacious Earth (I think thats how you spell it) you can get it at swimming pool supply places. It is non-toxic and safe for use around kids and pets. Its what we use around our doors and windows and it works great. It kills them by drying them out not by poisioning.


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try using corn meal. I personally have never tried it, but I have been told that they will take it back to their nest and because they can't digest it, it kills them and the rest of the colony. Also, this year we just moved into a new house and my brother-in-law(previous owner) said he used to use seven dust (used in gardens) he would just sprinkle it around the outside of the house and it would keep the ants out for a whole year.

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Sprinkle baby powder where they are coming in. They take it back to there nest and it kills them. Worked for me!

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That is a hard one. I suggest bug bombing the house. Pack up for the day and go to the movies or park if the weather is nice enough you need to be go for 3-4 hours before you can go back and then you have to have the windows open in the house for 30 minutes before you can re-enter. Remove any animals and just make sure you wash all the babies bedding and thing that you eat off of. Then agian you could have your landlord pay for an exterminator to come in and spray just let then know you have a 3 month old so that they use something safe. I hope you get rid of them.

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