Getting rid of the Pacifier?? Help!

Jacinta - posted on 12/04/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son Is 2 years old and he is a twin (don't know if that's relevant) he still had a Paci when he sleeps and in the afternoon when he naps,is getting to the point where I'm over it,I'm over having to find it when he looses it I'm over that fact that he is usually very talk-a-Tive bu when you ask him something that he would usually jump to answer and he has it in his mouth he just shakes his head at you and looks clueless!

I really want to ween him off it because I don't want it to affect his teeth and his brother gave his up a month or so ago,my husband isn't a help he just says (it makes him happy,what's the harm?) I don't know how to get him on side because if I take it off him and he screams and screams when my husband gets home he caves after only a few hours I feel like he's in doing all the hard work I do.i love him to death but I feel like he's just doing anything for a quiet life.

Also any ideas on how to ween it off him without him screaming bloody murder because it really irritates Kaden my other son when Kyvers screaming.I don't want to just take it away as that would be to stressful and I'm 6 months pregnant I feel like the stress wouldn't do little unborn Rocco any good,I want to ween him off it with husband on side,but I'm a bit like him I will admit I cave sometimes just because it hurts to see him scream "mommy I want mimi (the paci) mummy where Mimi mommayyyyyyy"

I will admit mommy caves like daddy for a quiet life and happy children.Tips?


America3437 - posted on 12/04/2012




Sorry to disapoint you but crying is what you are gonna have to deal with. Just throw it away and act like nothing happened. If he asks for it just say it's gone and leave it at that! He will cry for a few days and it is certinally gonna try everyone in the house but just let it go. At this point he only needs it at naptimes so give him his favorite blankie or bear and put him down and walk away. It took three days for my son to get over it(both of them) and then it was over so throw it away and hang in there it will be over soon enough. And listening to him cry is hard but one day you will wish he still cried like that so embrace it as one of those lost moments that we can never get back.


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Loraine - posted on 12/09/2012




Probably a little late for you now but Santa collected my daughters dummy when he delivered her xmas prezzies.

She was a big girl now & he needed to take the dummy for a new baby for xmas. As a thank you, Santa left all the new gifts :)

Jacinta - posted on 12/04/2012




Thanks girls I will tell him tomorrow that were goin to put the paci in the bin because he is a big boy now or something like that an let him and his brother both pick a blanket (I saw one with sure animal heads on top just yesterday the boys would love) and then he can just cuddle that and CIO.Thanks for your advice I just wasn't sure if yanking it right from him would be affective but it seems to be what all mums I've spoke to have done.

Down to Kmart in is to buy two blankys (cauz you can't buy one twin something without getting the other the same or similar) the life of having twins lol!

Michelle - posted on 12/04/2012




With my daughter we took her to the store and told her to pick out a teddy bear or stuffy of her choice and she traded her sucky (paci) for the bear. The first few days were rough but she got over it and now we search for her sucky bear on a regular basis but it is a lot easier to find much bigger. With Christmas coming you can tell him he should leave it in a box for Santa and have Santa switch it for a special toy. Biggest thing is the soother is for soothing and so you have to find a different way for your little one to sooth himself, either with a stuffed toy or a blanket.

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