girls making a big mess

Kelly - posted on 01/31/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi all any help on this matter will be grateful my daughters 3 and 4 yrs mess up in the early hours of the morning when me and my partner are asleep I mean loads and all food iv'e put locks on the cupboards but they can unlock them they put the food everywhere I was starting to get up at 5:30am to be up before them but it still happens I cant understand why they do it they have a loving home both me and my partner give lots of praise when they are good they both go to bed at a good time 7 & 7:30 and I'm starting to feel very low about it my husband works long hours 6 day a week so mostly cope on my own and i also have a 2 years old son iv'e tried taking there toys away from them they don't care I don't give them any nice treats iv'e tried talking to them but again noting is working please anyone that thinks they can help.


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Kim - posted on 01/31/2010




I would try to gate them in but if they are like my youngest they would climb over it or hurt themselves trying and while I don't really like it it seems like maybe putting a lock on the outside of their door may be necessary. They are too young to be up by themselves and getting into things like that and they will get hurt. I would remove most of their toys and things from their room if possible and lock the door. If they are up and want to get out they can knock and you can put a monitor in their room so you can hear them. I would also take about privledges for acting like that. My 3 yr old knows not to do things like that. I do know some kids are more impulsive and harder to control than others so I'm not judging you( my 3 yr old was like that until 6 months or so ago and I couldn't leave her alone without an adult or older brother for a minute) so you have to do what you can to try to let them know its not an acceptable way to behave. Good luck, sounds like you have your hands full.

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I put a gate at my daughters door. they can't climb over it because of the way the openings are and my 2 yr old says it hurts her toes. Maybe a swinging gate would help!

Mary-Ann - posted on 01/31/2010




My sister and I used to be like that, we were soooo destructive at the same age). And I mean to the point of ripping apart our dresser drawers, taking mattresses off our queen size bed and propping them up to use as a slide, "baking" in the kitchen and so on. We eventually grew out of it, but we did get some spankings for this behavior, groundings and so on. now spanking may not be an option for you so you will need to just keep up with whatever discipline you decide to carry out. Groundings, no privileges, hover over them like babies. Get up early and catch them in the act so you can punish them before they make a huge mess. Make them clean it up.

Personally if it were my kid and it happened more than once she would be spanked and grounded (not that I would want to, it would be a last resort for me to spank). spanking isn't for everyone, but when all else fails and what they are doing is potentially dangerous, then I would do it..

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