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Hey everyone, I was just wondering... What does everyone think of the MTV show, 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom.... Do you Feel that shows like this glorify or maybe even celebrate teenage pregnancy?? If you watch the show, do you like it?? Can you relate to any of the moms?? I personally think that although some of the problems are relatable, a lot of it is also sad because of how some of the girls are treated or treat those that help.. I myself feel like i resemble Amber the most... What about you?? I'd love to hear some feedback!!


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Jodi - posted on 02/12/2010




I read somewhere that the show tries to show the struggles of being a teen mom...I think it fails miserably at that! I watch the show and I don't feel that I can actually relate to any of the moms...but then again, I'm not 16...or even 18 anymore! I honestly feel that the show demonstrates poor attitude and it's acceptedness from teen moms and fails to show true struggles that any mom goes through (such as cracked nipples, lack of showers, 2 a.m. feedings that result in mom and baby crying, a mom in pj's unwashed, unbrushed hair with a screaming baby in her arms...for an hour!) I just think they glammed it up a bit and more parents should talk to their kids about pregnancy LONG before they're even old enough to watch this show! (My daugher is only a year old and I already tell her she'll be a great mommy when she's old and married like me while she's playing with her baby dolls!)

Anyways, the show is entertaining to me, but I would never let my child watch it, even if she were older...especially if she were older!

Arielle - posted on 02/12/2010




yes me and my sister do watch the show and i think it's stupid. i think it lets teenage pregnat girls think its ok to get pregnant and they can get on tv. but yes it also does show the struggle that some go through, but still i dont think the young girls really pay attention to that part. and yes some of the girls are just terrible the way they treat the ppl that help them. but thats is just what i think.

and another thing i think its nasty how that 1 couple the 1 that gave thier baby up for adoption, they are just nasty they are STEP-BROTHER & STEP-SISTER. (regardless who was togethr first them or the parents) once hte parents got married they should have called it off. well i guess not now bc their parents are gettin a disvorce so.......lucky for them things worked out in the end

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