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I realise this is the SAHM community but I want to go back to work (Renae si only 5 weeks and I'd like to wait until she's a year but I'm thinking about it now) but I'm not sure what I want to do yet because I don't really want to go back to Aged care so um let's hear it...

What did you do before the kids? Are you currently studying? when you go back to work do you want to do the same job you had before or something different? If different what would you want to do?


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I was in the IT industry for 11 years before I had to quit to relocate and join my then-fiance in the US, marry and then had our twin boys (19 months now) - all on the same year. We decided that I'd stay home and look after our boys full time until they can already go to school. As days go by I realize that being a SAHM is the toughest job ever. There are days that's just so frustrating and you long for adult company.

Anyway, yes I'm already itching to go back to work. Maybe next year, i'm thinking, we can already put the boys in preschool or maybe a daycare. Having been in a high-pressured IT job before, it would be a nice change to do something "lighter". I don't know yet what I want to do exactly though. I'm also contemplating on going to school to get a different degree.


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I was a receptionist/vet assistant at an animal hospital and worked right up until I had my baby. Then for the past year I studied medical transcription online through MTEC (great school). I am currently waiting on my final grade to get back to me. Then I plan to work from home.

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I colleged, cashiered, got impregnated. :)
Nothing special, don't expect special nor want it. Just want to do the little things with family and live a happy medeocre American life. Yay
That being said, I want to finish my college degree and work part time when they are in school, so that we CAN do things like go camping. Everything costs so much..... geez

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Before I was a SAHM I taught at an after school program that helped out with homeless kids. I'm probably never going back to work. I plan on homeschooling.

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i went back to work when my first was 3 months old to full time work. then went to part time work when he was 9 months old and when our second was born i didnt go back to work until she was 10 months old but to a new job where i work at night while theyre in bed :)

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my career was in human services. I stayed home for a year & 1/2 after my daughter was born, but then I went back because I need the satisfaction of a paycheck. I lost my job & now I work from home with an awesome company. I have the social benefits of a job & the paycheck, but I can choose my schedule.

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Before I had kids I was the clerk and treasurer for a local municipality. Since taking early retirement, I've been completing a degree in psychology. I'd love to complete my master's in school psychology but with three kids, that is not happening right now. So I'm going to look for jobs in probation and parole working with kids.

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I was studying nursing and thought if I ever went back to work it'd be after i was finished my training but I'm not sure if that's even what I want to do anymore.

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I was a teacher. I LOVED it. But I never want to be a 'regular' teacher again...at least while I have kids living at home. Teachings is like having two full time jobs. You teach all day...paperwork and planning all night.

I want to go back to work when my youngest is in school. But I want to go back to school to specialize in something...reading or math. Where I live, schools will hire reading or math specialist. They work with small groups of kids who are struggling in those areas.

If I don't go back full time, I might try to get hired as an in-school tutor. I did that while in college for 10 hours a week. Pay was pretty good for what I was doing. That way I'd still be able to volunteer for my children's teachers and have plenty of time to take care of the house.

I have at least 5 years before any kind of decision needs to be made though.

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