Going on STRIKE!

Kristy - posted on 05/01/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 3 children basically. They are 2, 10 and 39! Yes, the 39 year old is the biggest one of all!!! My 39 year old has a sleeping disorder and was up all night last night. I wake up this morning and my living room and kitchen are a DISASTER!! Cups, bowls, shoes, socks, pants, etc. My 10 year old has left me with 6-7 loads of HER dirty clothes to wash even though I ask 2-3 times a week if she has any that needs to be washed. I'm trying to get her to be more responsible. My 2 year old..well...you mom's know how that is but she will pick up and put away when she's asked to. Especially her play room and she tries to put her clothes up. My 2 year old will even put her dirty clothes and dishes where they go without being asked! Go figure!!! I feel like going on strike for a week or so. Any suggestions?


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Susan - posted on 05/03/2010




well i most certainly would go on strike you have two people taking the ************ out of you if hubby got sleep problem speak to doctor about it try getting him to do things to help induce sleep ie no caffine 2-3 hours before bed good relaxing tip is switch telly off and maybe listen to radio or read in bead this is what i do when my sleep pattern is interupted . when my nearly 16 year old use to bring me a week washing i use to hand her the washing powder and softner and make her do it herself if she didnt put washing in binbags and put it out for rubbish she will soon rescue it and get message ive done it all with my 3 teenagers soon get message i think if 2 yearold is helping out you should reward good behaviour do star chart and reward it with small thing like favorite story read at bedtime or favorite film watched for good behaviour for day then for two days visit to playground ect because rewarding with pocket money at this age would be meaningless but 10 year old might pick up on fact the 2 year old is getting rewarded for good behaviour and not punished for bad behaviour. maybe do chore list and include hubby on chore list as well as daughter and yourself .but do go on strike hide hubby computer remotes tv remotes put tv telly timer on without him knowing and leave list of chores and go out for day with remote controls in your car ive done this myself it does work.and good luck

*Lisa* - posted on 05/01/2010




Haha! I am guessing that your 39 year old is your partner?? When I was 10 years old I was washing everybody in my houses clothes and putting them on the line, washing the dishes, changing my little sisters nappies (they were 1 month and 2 years old when I was 10). SO my suggestion is that you teach her to do the washing. My parents both worked and there was a huge gap between me and my 2 little sisters so my older brother and I did most of the household jobs. Including cooking! I think it taught me a lot and I have a lot of respect for my mum for teaching me life skills simply by not being pampered. As for the 39 year old, NO CLUE hehe. Good luck :)

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