Going wee wee in the park?

Peggy - posted on 04/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son has recently been potty trained ( and we are so proud :)) Many of the parks close to our house do not have toilettes. While potty training my husband taught him to wee in the garden, but poo's are only done on the toilette. He is only just turned three and not yet able to hold on to long.

My question is if any of you will take offence if a child wee's in the park in public- if there are no toilettes, and I take him behind a tree/ shrub away from the play equipment where people wont step in it?

( if he needs to o nr 2 I put on a nappy)


Carol - posted on 04/24/2012




Wahoo on the potty training! My son was also going outside during training. We lived in the woods and it never bothered anybody. However, I have a few torture stories for when he starts bringing girls home. One - he didn't understand at first to stand behind trees if there are guests present. He really freaked out a 12 year old girl. The parents, who also had an older son, were very understanding and thought it was hilarious. My son was quickly taught a lesson about privacy. Two - he couldn't hold it when he had to poop once while we were in a friends back yard with a playgroup. I was watching his little brother when a few kids, including my proud son, brought me to where my son made a "turtle" (same size and shape). That was also quickly taught as not a thing to do.

Any parent who has gone through potty training should completely understand and give you slack. Parents of boys seem to be a little more lenient of these displays. It's a beautiful day when you can go to the park or store without the diaper bag!

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