Good things about having a third child?

Elizabeth - posted on 03/09/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm so tired of hearing "oh you don't want three" "I love my third child BUT" "if I had it to do over" anytime I say I want three kids. Seems the majority of moms with three wouldn't have the third kid if they could do it over again.
My kids are almost 4 and almost 2. They get along great, I'm sleeping, I feel I have mylife back. I think I'm crazy to think of going through the baby phase again. Trying to tote around a baby and two other kids to gym, school, shopping, etc. But, when I look at the photos on the wall, I can't shake the feeling someone is missing. I worry I'll regret not having a third because I let the fear of the unknown get the best of me.
So, I am interested hearing from other SAHM who have three kids who are fairly close in age (mine will be almost 5 and almost 3 when the baby arrives if it goes as planned). Thanks!


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Michelle - posted on 03/09/2016




As long as you and your husband agree to number 3 then go for it.
I have 3 that are now 14.5, 12 and 6. They all get along great and the older one can babysit the youngest.
I didn't sometimes wonder why I went back to the baby stage after 6 years but wouldn't change it for the world. I am on my 2nd marriage and he needed a child of his own. He was so good with the older 2 and it was my choice to have our 3rd. I was only ever going to have 2 children so having the 3rd was a big step for me.
The main problem with having 3 children is that everything is geared for families of 4. When you buy family tickets, it's usually 2 adults and 2 children.

Lydia - posted on 03/09/2016




I'm not exactly what you are looking for since I only have two children, ages 4 years and 16 months. I am one of three kids however, and I feel like three children is a good number to have, especially since your kids will be relatively close in age. My two sisters and I have a 9 year spread from oldest to youngest (I am in the middle) and I feel like that is a bit much. I am probably done because my husband is not interested in having third child (he is an only child and I had to talk him up from one :) ) But I say go with your gut, which is what it sounds like you are going to do. Children are a blessing!

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