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Long story cut short... I'm 24, have a wonderful fiance, our own home and we are financially secure. When I found out we were pregnant we were over the moon. I told my parents and they had a horrible reaction, they called me and my fiance to the house and lectured us screaming that we had to get married before the baby was born (etc etc, what would ppl think) we went against them and as we are already engaged decided to have our baby then get married. My beautiful boy is born now and we gave booked our wedding next year when he is 15 months.
Shortly after he was born my fiance snapped from their constant niggling and told them he wasn't happy how they spoke to us, THEY acted like the victim and he didn't speak for 2 months.. ( so they missed out on their grandchild) now we have made up they r constantly making digs that they haven't looked after him alone and they want him to stay over, saying he is their pride and joy!! Is it wrong for me not to b willing for my son to go over because of their actions in the past? Also- I don't think they are 100% trustworthy in listening to my rules, he's not weaned yet only breastfed and they always say he's hungry, I think trey would feed him behind my back without my consent) thanks in advance!! X


Cassandra - posted on 12/04/2013




You are not at all wrong. I had a very similar situation and my husband and I have a motto that we repeat constantly to our parents; Being a grandparent is a PRIVLEGE, not a RIGHT! If they arent willing to comply with your rules for YOUR child, then they have chosen to not be a part of his life. They will get over it. I know how hard it is to cut out your parents from your life, but you have to remember that your family now consists of your husband/fiance and your child. Good luck, I hope you found the support you were looking for.

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