Growing pains in my 4-yr-old?

Sheri - posted on 02/28/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son has been complaining for the past few days about pain behind both his knees - usually in the evenings but also this morning. When his "legs hurt", he *can* walk but doesn't want to and sometimes asks for piggy-back rides. Other times though, he can run and play just fine. Also, the area is not swollen, red or painful to the touch as far as we can tell at this point, and he has been eating a little more than usual this past week (he's never been a big eater in his life!) which we normally assume means a growth spurt.

I've been looking up "growing pains" and it really sounds like that's what it is. However, even though growing pains still seem to be widely accepted in the medical community, I recently spoke to a nurse friend who told me there's no such thing... that growing pains are an old wives tale.

Have any of you had experience with this particular knee pain in your kids?

Thanks, ladies!



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Sheri - posted on 03/02/2009




Thank you, everyone. I massaged the backs of his knees (which he loved) and gave him a little Tylenol... it's been two days now and they haven't returned, thank goodness!

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I remember having them as a child and mom always put rubbing alchol on the affected part (normally knees). I don't know what it did, but it always eased the pain.

Cathie - posted on 03/02/2009




my olderst son suffers from growing pain as did i as a child.  a warm bath or heating pad works great.  i do give my son pain meds when they are bad.  i know what they feel like and cannot let him suffer through it.  good luck!

Kate CP - posted on 02/28/2009




I personally experienced growing pains and yes, they suck. A warm bath with some lavender oil will really help him relax and soothe his achy body. Chamomile tea will help him sleep if he's having a tough time getting comfortable at night. Learn a little child/infant massage and give him a massage whenever his legs get to hurting. I would try to not give him pain killers-save those for the serious issues. You can also try Arnica gel or cream-it's a natural pain reliever and reduces inflammation and helps heal bruises. All around good stuff to have at home. :)

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