Guilt about being tired (or something)

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Ok I need a little help here. I have a 21 year old (came with my hubby, but he’s still mine), a 16 year old, and a 2 year old. I went back to work in 2004 when my boys were small and I rocked and rolled with my working-Mom-make-it-happen-or-die-trying and I did have some success. I worked my way up and become an HR Director. In 2015 we found out (surprise!!!!) that we were pregnant and I knew I’d never be able to put her in daycare so I could run off to my 60+ hour work weeks to collect my HR Director salary. She was born Leap Day 2016. Fast forward to now. In the past two years so much has happened and changed. My job moved to MN while I was on maternity leave, I got very sick with anemia to the point where blood transfusions were needed (who knew that could get that out of hand?), my mom was diagnosed with a rare cancer and died 6 months later, I moved from
NC around FL. I am a strong, capable, independent, intelligent woman but some days I can barely manage to keep the kitchen clean and get through a load of laundry. Then I feel guilty about having been “unproductive” that day.
Oh, also, the FL move happened during the week of Irma, and it was right after that my mom passed. And, the best part is that my husband is now working out of town most of the time. Words of wisdom? When I feel like I don’t want to do much of anything should I really just sit down and let it be? Doesn’t happen too often but it’s happening today.


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It could just be the iron deficiency. there is a youtube channel that helps me keep ontop on my house, they have an app for it to because i struggle with this same thing.
The channel is "a better life with Flylady kat"
she does DAILY videos each days explaining EXACTLY what to do each day kinda like motivation, to keep on top of things in your house. And she also does i think 3 live videos a week for like Q and As, i just tune in on my youtube app when I'm notified in the kitchen in the morning or whatever and type in some conversational questions :) its nice. moms have questions just like you about keeping on top of house work and staying motivated and stuff
the app is Flylady as well
its cool you can personalize checklists and stuff

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