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so my two older girls are in school and i got a letter home about two weeks ago asking for my permision to give them the h1n1 shot now i never signed the paper and told the school in person i did not want them to give my kids shots i wanted them to go to the dr.s for it and my oldest sierra had told me today that they gave her the shot at school now i have everyone telling me two different things one is "say something to the school" and the other is "let it go" now me myself i would go say something so if someone can help me it would be great i guess what i am asking is what should i do???


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Jennifer - posted on 01/24/2010




I would definately call the school and if you don't get anywhere with them, then maybe even think of calling the police. That is very serious!!! We as parents have a right to what happens to our children. That is why schools have to get permission slips! When that is violated, then we need to take a stand.

Richelle - posted on 01/23/2010




I would be raising some questions with your school board! There was a case in NY where 3 parents refused the shot and the school gave it to them anyways... 2 of the kids got very ill & had to be hospitalized, the other died!

The shot is a hoax- please research ... just google H1N1 hoax... you will find a load of info that will blow your mind!

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