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I'm an Aussie living in Hong Kong and have come across quite a few cultural differences in the way we raise children etc. ANYWAY. I was crossing the road, waiting for the light to change to green and a lady stopped and was looking at my baby which is fine. Baylee is 8 months old and teething, so he was sucking on one of his fingers. This stranger than proceeded to tell me that he shouldn't suck on his fingers. I just smiled at her. Then an older couple came up and she started telling them how bad it was that I was letting him suck on his finger... they agreed! Shaking their heads...

Am I missing something? Is it bad to let your kids suck on their fingers?? If it is then HECK! I would be sitting next to him all day trying to take his fingers out of his mouth!!


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When they are teething you can't really stop them from doing it. And you are right if you were to try to keep your baby from his fingers you wouldn't be able to leave your child side. I just worry when the kids are old enough for you to tell them no and they are sucking to help them selves go to sleep or something. My daughter is 16 months and when she does it at nap time I hold her hand down but that the only time she does it. When my son was teething he had his hand in his mouth so much his shirt would be soaked from all the drool. It happens I wouldn't worry about them! Good Luck

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