Has anyone else experienced this with their cat & child?

Veronica - posted on 10/20/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I know this is going to sound like a strange question, but does anyone know how to make a litter box trained cat stop pooing on the carpet? The cat has been in the family for about 3 year & has used the litter box fine. Then my son started to walk. Now the cat will only poo in the hallway carpet (which is close to wear the litter box is in the bathroom). We've tried seperate litter box with different clays/shavings, that didn't work. We've tried to re-train, didn't work. Negative reinforcement, didn't work, spraying the carpet with 'no potty' spray, stained the carpet & didn't work....I'm at my breaking point & don't know what to do. I have a toddler & deal with enough poo on a daily basis, so this irks me. Plus now my toddler wants to imitate how we get rid of the kitty poo (scoop & flush it down the toilet). I really hate to have to get rid of our kitty, she is so much a part of our family but I don't know what to do anymore. Any helpful ideas?

Oh, and I don't think it's a jealousy thing because the cat is fine with our toddler. She plays with him, even lets him pick her up or sit on her.



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Charity - posted on 10/20/2010




Has the cat been to the vet to rule out medical issues? If so you could try a cat kennel (like you'd see kittens in) until she starts using the box again. My mother-in-law has a cat she recently had to do this with. We think he was scared by a very loud delivery truck while he was in his box and then refused to use it again.

Betsy - posted on 10/20/2010




My cat (as well as a friend on mine's) did similar things.
The cat was totally fine with my kids - but must have lacked for attention or just gotten sick of it. We had the cat before we had kiddos - so I think it was used to being the center of attention. We tried a bunch of things - but it seemed like nothing really worked.
We unfortunately ended up having to give him to my sister-in-law (Who doesn't have kids) and he's doing great over there.
Sorry I can't be of more help.
Hope you find a solution. It's so sad to have to get rid of a pet when they're so much a part of the family!

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