has anyone else had a hard time with the school and food allergies

Sheryl - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




i was wonder if any other people have had trouble with child school over food allergies. my son has is allergie to nuts and egg. i am having hard time with them over it. i talk to my son allergiest and they said all that really needs to be done is have an epi. pen and bendrly on hand. and let the other parent know that there is a child with a nut allergie and not serve it and everything should be ok cause it limits his exposer to it. but they keep saying know if he gets a rash being touch by it parents need to change there clothes and i keep tilling them no no! my thing is i don't want to get my child in and then parent realize what child it is then do something to get him kick out. i know he has this allergie but i can't stop life and keep him in a booble. thats what it feels like. don't get me wrong i want him safe but i can't also just stop him leaveing life. so am i the only one who has had to deal with something like this.


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Louise - posted on 05/05/2010




Not really! Most schools in England will acept your child with an epi pen as long as you give them permission to use it. If your child is so allergic that touching the food could give him a problem then they will ask that your child either goes home for lunch or you make him a packed lunch. Nobody is excluded because of allergies and most schools understand the problems involving food allergies. Your son should be albe to live a full and active life.

Kristin - posted on 05/04/2010




That is medical information shared only with the school to keep him safe. They only get that info for this person's safety and cannot share it. It is a serious breach of confidentiality to disclose this to anyone outside of the staff who would be working with your son.

Your child cannot be discriminated against because of a medical condition. Another aspect is your child is probably not the only child in the class with an allergy to foods.

As an adult with a whole slew of allergies, I actually want to know if there is a child in my son's class with them. I would never want to bring something to the class that could hurt them or not have something for them on those special occasions (B-day for example). I really try to make an effort to select something that they can ALL have.

And now for the possible misinformation at the school, have a meeting with the people working with your child, the administration, school nurse, and your child's doctor. If nothing else, have the doctor write out clear instruction for what to do in the event of exposure. It's the misinformation that is so detrimental to all of this.

In all of this, I am making the assumption that you are talking about items the parents' bring in to the classroom. When it comes to school lunch, just brown bag it and tell his teachers to keep an eye on him with regard to "trading." I can only hope your son knows just how serious this is.

Good luck, life with allergies is manageable.

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