Has anyone ever heard of separation anxiety? Well my baby has that.

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My babies Dr. said she has that. I took her to the dr one time, she was about 7 months, because she cried all the time. She was so attached to me. I couldnt put her down, walk out of the room, out of her sight, nothing. She constantly has to crawl up to me and pull up just to be close to me. She doesnt think that us sitting beside or infront of each other is close enough, so she will crawl up and pull up on my shirt to get to me. I love her to death but it was really starting to bother me. The dr. said she was kinda young 2 have it. Babies usually get it around 8 or 9 months but it was ok. I think its because im a stay at home mom. But it that normal for her to be that attached that even if she cant see or hear me or be in my arms that she would cry like she was being killed or sumthing. I had to just let her cry alot of the time so i could get things done. I mean she would cry her butt off. But anyway she is almost 11 mths now and it has gotten better. Now she is only like this around certain people. Now she kinda uses other people and will just go to them just so shes not in the floor. Idk. I think its beautiful that she loves me, but is it normal. Does anyone have a baby or child like this. How long will it last.


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Mandy - posted on 10/08/2009




My daughter has seperation anxiety. She only ever wants me. Her father isn't around as much as I am so I guess she just gravitated towards me. I give her her baths and dress her and feed her and do everything for her. Lately she has been more independent and plays by herself but she still want only me. So I think that it is normal for babies to prefer one person over others. I think that in time when they want to be more independent they will be less attached.

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Thank you guys...hopefully she will grow out of it...o & she doesnt even like 2 go 2 her dad most of th time either...

Jessica - posted on 10/07/2009




My daughter had it bad. At the time I was a single mom. My duaghter went to work with me and all she knew and ever wanted was me! My parents my friends no one could take her. If they offered to babysit I knew after an hour I would get a call and she needed to be picked up cause she hadnt stop screaming since I left! It is really hard but you just have to ween them from you like you would a bottle. Take it slow. And you have to find someone that does not mind a screaming child. They just have to realize that you will always come back. My daughter is now almost 3 and she is doing great. Just have hope it is really normal. But really annoying! Good Luck

Ruth - posted on 10/07/2009




It's a regular stage children go though, like teething and learning how to crawl and walk. My little one had it really bad for about 2 months (8 to 10 months, she's gotten better now, thankfully). It's a little trying for me, since I like a little bit of independence, but it helps if you remember it's only a stage, and they'll grow out of it in a little while.

And who knows, you might miss it when they're older and more independent.

Beth - posted on 10/07/2009




The only thing I can suggest is maybe try and leave her with a sitter for half hour to an hour a couple times a week if you can,so she will get use to having other people around her besides mom and see how that goes.It may take a few times to do this before she starts feeling comfortable and then you can do it for a longer period of time.
I think now would be a good time to start and keep doing this because it could be a problem when she is ready to start school.
Hope this helps and good luck hun.

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I hae a 21 month old that is like this, she wont even go to my husband. It is really frustrating for both my husband and I!

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