Has anyone gotten pregnant on the mirena?

Michelle - posted on 12/06/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have had my iud for about four months and about three and a half months of that i have not had a period :/

My question is.. how many other women have gotten pregnant with the Mirena?

I show all the signs of pregnancy (even vomiting) but my little one is not even 6 months and i also have a 19 month old.. so im freaking out just a bit!



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User - posted on 12/16/2012




Hi just some advice please. I have had my coil in for about 4 1/2 years now after my first child and i never had a period from having it inserted not even the first month. But for the past week since after having sexual intercourse every morning i have felt sick cant even eat anything until midday and sometime the symptoms does not wear off until about 3:30. This has never happened to me before not even in my first pregnancy. I took a home pg test and it was negative, don't know if I'm just too early or am not pregnant. Also since the coil was inserted the strings have been lost, i had a scan to see if it was in place and it was. They said when i wanted it to be removed i would need a camera to take it out. Do you think i could be pregnant? going to GP tomorrow because i hate feeling like this every morning. Can any one help?

Maranda - posted on 12/16/2012




i've had the same problems. my lil one is a little over 2 months... i've had the Mirena a little over 1. me and my fiance thought i was pregnant again because the other night i was just so sick and miserable. he made some food and the smell of food made me sick. since i've had the mirena i've had about 5 pregnancy tests.. they've all came back negative. sometimes you just worry andit makes you think you could be pregnant. it is very rare to get [regnant off the mirena. but yu may not have your period again until you get it taken out. you might spot two or three times, but thats all..

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As far as periods go, I have known many friends/relatives using Mirena and only one of those women ever had a period on it. Other than spotting two or three times in a year and a half, I never had a period when I had the Mirena, not even in the first month. So I wouldn't worry too much about not having a period, that's common with Mirena. I also had all the common symptoms of pregnancy, and they are also all listed on Mirena's info booklet and website as possible side effects. So that doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant either. (I recently had mine removed because my "pregnancy" symptoms were getting worse, and I was miserable all the time! But I was not pregnant.) It is extremely rare to get pregnant on the Mirena, but not unheard of, so you definitely need to find out. And soon! Because if in fact you ARE pregnant, the Mirena poses risks to both you and baby and you'd need to discuss with your OB how to proceed depending on how far along the pregnancy is. But really, try not to freak out too much because statistically it is very unlikely that you are pregnant. Just get a home pregnancy test ASAP. And if you are not pregnant, your mind will be at ease! :) And then, you may want to consider changing your method of BC if your body is reacting that negatively to the Mirena, or you may just need to give it time. That's your call to make.

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Hey Michelle I felt that same way too I have been on Mirena since April of 2011 and I have felt all the exact same symptoms and i took several pregnancy test all negative tho and i went to the doctor too and demanded an blood test also negative.These can just be side effects of the mirena. Also I think you need to take an pregancy test because it sound very unusual for you not to have your period right now because the first few months I bleed alot because my uterus wall was thinning out then a egg couldn't attach. But I read that everyone as your body adjusts

When you start Mirena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system), there are bound to be changes. Because everyone responds differently, it's important to pay close attention to your own body, to feel comfortable with your birth control.

In the first few months, bleeding and spotting may increase and your period may be irregular

You may have frequent spotting or light bleeding between periods

In a clinical trial of Mirena in women with heavy periods, the majority had an 80% reduction in bleeding as early as 3 months and a 90% reduction at 6 months

Few women may find that their periods are heavier than normal. Call your healthcare provider if your period continues to be heavier than usual.

After your body has adjusted

Even after your body adjusts, you may find that your period is different.

Your period may be shorter and lighter than before

Your period may remain irregular

Your period may stop altogether. This happens to about 1 in 5 women after 1 year of Mirena use

These effects may continue for as long as you have Mirena. However, your period is likely to return to whatever was normal for you once Mirena is removed. If you haven't gotten your period for 6 weeks or more, or you feel like you may be pregnant, call your healthcare provider to rule out pregnancy

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