Has anyone had their child do swimming lessons in the winter?

Amy - posted on 02/03/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am going to have my sweetie do them just wondering how to handle the cold, snow and ice. Do I just dry her hair completly... and have some water type shoes. anything I should know about. I will not be in the water just the instructor. Also if they are sick or have a cold should she not go those days, it is a short session so don't really want to miss out on any.



Lindsey - posted on 02/07/2012




Amy, I've been taking my son to swimming lessons since he was about 6 months old (throughout the year) and I have another recommendation. Always bring baby lotion or oil with you and apply it after swimming. This is especially important in the winter when the chlorine and cold temperatures work double duty to dry out a little ones skin. Hope she has fun! I know my little man absolutely loves the pool.

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I have. With an indoor pool there isn't really anything different that you need to do. It wouldn't hurt to make sure her hair is dried completely before you leave, but it isn't necessary either.

I found that my daugther slips more with shoes on the pool deck than with bare feet. But that could be just her. I would highly suggest that she not wear them in the water. It really helps them feel more comfortable if they can actually feel the bottom of the pool and the water move around their feet while swimming.

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I took my 6 week old baby (he's over 2 now and will be starting lessons when he's 3) swimming regularly in the winter, as long as the water is warm enough there shouldnt be a problem.

You could use a hat to cover her head when she us outside afterwards rather than drying her hair completely, and wrap her up warm as you would anyway, scarf, gloves coat etc.

I've never known them need shoes for swimming lessons? why would they need shoes?

I would play it by ear when they are sick, if they have a fever or are what you would consider to be really ill (or have sickness and diarrhoea) then don't take her but kids get little colds and illnesses al the time, if we stopped them doing things at every little sniffle or cough they'd never do anything.

I hope your daughter loves the water as much as my son does and really enjoys her lessons.


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Leah - posted on 02/07/2012




Maybe use a swim cap so her hair never gets wet? I know they look funny, but professional swimmers use them...

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Both my kids do swimming lessons all year round. The pool is indoor and heated. We live in Aust, so there's no snow where we are. I just make sure I dry and dress them in warm stuff. And Joggers.

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That makes sense, my nieces and nephews use crocs (I don't know if you have them there)... http://www.crocs.co.uk/crocs-crocband-ki...,en_GB,pd.html?cid=466&intid=upsell3_crocbandkidsII_120105to walk by the side of the pool, but don't use anything in the pool. My doesn't wear anything we just make sure he doesn't run by the pool.

You could have a swimming hat for in the water too, so her hair doesn't get as wet, then use an outside hat for going outside :-)

Amy - posted on 02/03/2012




Toni M

I don't need to have shoes I just like it since she will be walking around and it will be wet, less chances of slipping and falling, water shoes but they have straps on them. She wont wear them in the pool unless she really wants to maybe the first time or so.. we will see. Thanks for the suggestions and it will be cold after the pool so a hat just for swimming might be a great idea... have to go and get one of them just wash it wouldn't want to use normal hat as it will be all chlorine smelling yuck!

Sniffles if she has flu or anything no I would not take her, it is a short session so don't want to miss if we don't have to! Thanks again

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