Has anyone here ever had a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian)?

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when i had my son i tried natually, pushing for 2 hours! but his head got stuck sideways in my pelvic bone and i had to have an emergency cesarian section, im planning on trying to start gettin prego at the end of the year and i really would like to try to have a normal vaginal birth, i been reading a lot about it on the net and its very possible, i would like to hear from someone whos achieved this or tried to thanx!


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Yes, yes and YES!

My firstborn was a completely unwanted C-Section. I was stoked about having a completely natural, drug-free birth. But alas, my daughter was breeched, and I had to have a planned C-Section. The surgery itself was fine, but it was the healing that was brutal. I'm so glad my daughter came out beautiful and healthy, and that everything was fine. I'm even proud of my battle-scar from the surgery, and will show it proud (LOL)! But, I cringe when I think about how painful recovery was. *shudder*

Anyhow...a couple years later, we got preggo with our second. I knew right away that I did NOT want a repeat section. So, I got myself a midwife (MUCH better than a doctor, let me tell ya!). So personal, one-on-one care. Words cannot describe how marvelous a midwife is. I recommend one to every preggo momma!

Anyhoo...I explained everything to my midwives, and they fully backed me on having a VBAC. They gave me all the information on VBacs and repeat C-Sections. I weighed everything out, and it seemed that going for a repeat section actually carried MORE risks. Crazy, hey? (As a side note, I've heard that doctors are usually very quick to recommend repeat C-Sections because they make MORE money performing one, as compared to a natural delivery).

Well, to make a long (LONG) story short: I had a successful natural delivery! After labouring for about 28 to 30 or so hours, my cervix refused to dilate past 3 cm's. So, my midwife (who, by the way, sat with me labouring at home till 2am) took us to the hospital. We needed to get my body working, so she broke my waters, and gave my oxytocin (natural and produced already by the womans body, and helps speed things along). At about 9:30am it was time to push. At 9:50am my son (happy, healthy and a generous 8 lbs 11 oz) was born.

Words can not describe how amazing it was to reach down and feel his soft head...knowing that I was doing it. By myself. Pushing. Words can not describe how invigorated and alive I felt to have him placed on my chest, all wet and warm, still attached by the umbilical cord. Just. Amazing.

The best part of all? I went home a day later. Actually, I nearly went home the SAME day. That's how good I felt. My friend (who had had a baby a month previous) was amazed! I was up, taking a shower, trotting around the room. After my C-Section, the nurses had to drag my but out of bed and walk around so the incision wouldn't heal improperly. It was so wonderful to not have that 'gut-busting' feeling like I had after the C-Section.

Natural is the only way to go!

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