Has anyone LO had Hand foot and mouth? How long did the fever and symptoms last?

Jennifer - posted on 09/15/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter has HFMD and she has been running a fever of 102+ for over 72 hours and now it seems like everytime her fever gets high she seems to have trouble breathing. I have called the doc and they saythis is normal. anyone else know anything about this?


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Jennifer - posted on 09/15/2009




I somewhat agree with the others. Two of my children had HFMD and I remember the fevers and the sores, however not the breathing problems. Since calling your doctor has only resulted in them saying it is normal (without looking at her), you should take her to the hospital or another pediatrician to get checked out. This way if someone else tells you (a second opinion) that it is normal then you can have more peace of mind!

Torey - posted on 09/15/2009




Hi Jennifer,

One of my twin girls had HFMD about a year ago. She had fever a few days before it all came out on her. She really did not have any problems breathing either. I am so sorry to hear that she is having those problems. If I was in your postion I would go with my gut feeling and bring my little one in for the doctor to check her out again since she is having problems with her breathing. I really hope that your little one starts feeling better soon.



Jennifer (Elle) - posted on 09/15/2009




My daughter had this...the fever was very bad and we had to give her round the clock tylenol for 2 days and rub her down constantly with cool water...it eventually broke. However, if your gut is telling you there is a problem - specifically with her breathing - then show up at that doctor's office without calling first and demand to be seen and reassured or given fever reducing drugs. If they won't do that - find another doctor and go today. Hang in there mama!


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Karen - posted on 09/15/2009




Both my girls had foot and mouth unfortunately I don't remember them having such a difficult time with the fever. I do know that they have some medicated freezes that the pharmacist recommended to us which were extremely helpful because of the discomfort when they attempted to swallow and I was having difficulting getting them to take pain/fever medication.

If I remember correctly it was over a week before I could get them to eat anything other than soft foods because of the sores in their mouth. I tried to serve them yogurt tubes frozen and even froze grapes anything that I knew they liked to eat and I could freeze to help numb their mouths so they would eat.

At the time I think my youngest was 3 and my oldest was almost 6 and it took my oldest longer to get over it than my youngest.

Hopefully you have some extra hands to give you a break, I remember it being an exhausting time because they didn't sleep well and nothing seemed to comfort them for long.

Good Luck,


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