Has anyone traveled with a toddler and a two month old?

Mary - posted on 03/29/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Is it exhausting? How does it work with breastfeeding and little sleep?

I have been asked to be in a wedding two months after my baby is born. I'm going from having one daughter who will be one and a half when her sister is born. I don't know what the change will be like from having only one girl to two. And I am unsure of how quickly I will will have the energy to do anything afterwards. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband works nights. So I pretty much have most of the responsibility of caring for them. He helps whenever he is home and awake. Any suggestions?


Christelle - posted on 03/29/2009




Hi Mary,

First thing: two kids are not equal to 2 x 1 kid! Brace yourself but also be easy on yourself.  It is also not necessarily difficult.

Breastfeeding makes it easy.  Nurse you baby on the plane if she'e niggly, also at the destination.  As she's going to be so young you can leave her in her buggy or whatever you use, to keep you hands free for the sister.  Accept that the older one might be unfamiliar and be prepared to hold her.  I've done the same laste year - supported my husband at an Ironman event - which is a day long event...with extremely loud noise, music, applause, people screaming, seabreeze...whatever input you can think of.  I bundled the 2 month old in his buggy and his big brother got a few small treats during the day, stopped for playtime, also had a treat or two on the plane.  It was a bit difficult but we viewed it as an adventure and try to see the light side of anything that might happen during the day. 

If possible take a camping cot.    

Good luck, once they've done it, the next time is easier.  My boys are now used to travelling.  My 14 month old will go on his second trip to Ireland from RSA this month and the older one has been to Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Ireland from RSA.  he now just gets on with it. 

(Must confess, I do the whole thing while muttering "find a happy place find a happy place find a happy place...")   


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Vinny - posted on 03/31/2009




I came to UK from Indonesia (about 26hours journey with 2 transit) with my oldest daughter when she was 2 months old, and it was OK, and I think breastfeeding actually make it easier. I feed her every time we take off and land.

I think the best way is just be positive, lots of activities toys for big sister and enjoy it, just because younger baby can pick up your negative feeling if your panicking.

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if youre travelling in the car, my hubby glued and tied some pencils to the seat in front of my two year old and he just spends the majority of our long trips drawing. he loves it. and the good thing about two month olds is that they sleep!

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Hi Mary,  Well I took a 4 yo, a 2 yo and my 2 month old on a 8 hour car ride from MI to PA and we survived :)  I don't know how you will be traveling but it really wasn't too hard for us.  We packed a bag for the older two that was full of snacks and new toys and we have a DVD in the car.  We scheduled a break to let the older ones run around whenever the baby needed to nurse.  Each stop was around 30 to 45 min.


I was pretty tired I must admit but my husband helped keep the older ones happy and busy and I slept whenever I could.  I definitely wouldn't try the trip on my own but if you have help then it is doable, if you want to!


If you'd like to chat more I'd be happy to :)


Chantelle - posted on 03/29/2009




Honestly I only have my one daughter who is two...and I have travelled with her on a plane and it wasn't too bad...but getting a toddler to sleep somewhere that isn't home can be tricky and the fact that you will also have your baby with you and BF seems to me that it will be a lot to handle. Are you really close with this person or are you able to maybe just play it by ear with her and cancel if you really don't think it'll work?? Cause honestly if I was you I don't think I would take on that much so soon. :)


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