have any of you heard of FlyLady?

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have you ladies ever been to the flylady.net website? im not affiliated with them and its all free anyways so i hope i dont sound like a sales person, but its crazy how much it has changed my stay-at-home life. i thought it was silly at first but now my girlfriends and i all love it. feels like i've got my head above water now and finally in control of things... so i just want everyone to know about it!

its all about structuring your day around simple baby-step routines so that the house looks and feels sparkling clean with little effort. i am not a big fan of routine but its all about "15 min here, 15 min there" and fun little daily missions and instructions that help things get done.

if you go to the website, check out the table of contents first... everything is laid out there.

hope you all love it :)


Claudia - posted on 04/08/2009




I found that website about a year ago... I love it!  Her tips are wonderful and it has changed my perspective of having to do it ALL in a matter of a day or even a week!  I have gotten away from following her schedule but have a schedule I've made for myself based on her concepts.


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