have i created a monster?

Maria - posted on 06/04/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




since my eight month old was born, i have BF him to sleep, for both nap times, and bed time. He sleeps fine, perfect at night, for about 7-9 hours a night. Im able to BF him to sleep and put him in his crib and he sleeps through the night.

the problem is nap times. I have also gotten him into the habit of BF to fall asleep at nap times, and I know this just cant go on forever. He has just gotten his first 2 teeth, and he is starting solids, and I'm thinking i might be weaning him soon, but now im wondering what should I do to put him down for naps when that happens.

I have tried to have him cry it out a few times, for nap times, but it was unsuccessful, as he just got himself so worked up he couldnt breathe. I dont know if starting a routine would really work, and i guess i just don't know what to do.

i also have other nap related problems, but i dont want to run on with this question so i will save it for another post :)


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Penny - posted on 08/27/2009




Try intoducing him to a sippy cup. Some babies are ready at 8 mos. My grandaughter loves her cup. You may need to try for a few days getting him used to it. At the same time, try to set a schedule for nap and bedtime. So babies need a routine, and routine is good.

They Call Me Mom! - posted on 08/13/2009




A sling is a great idea. If he will take a binky then by all means as this will hopefully help with the sucking response as well. Have you tried switching to bottles at naptime (I am assuming that bf is breast feeding, right?). Try getting him used to switching between the two.

If all else fails, try to enjoy the time that you have with him at this stage. It all goes by so quickly.

Amber - posted on 06/06/2009




No, he is not a monster!! You should try wearing him in a sling before nap time. You can still do what you need to do and he will be happy being close to his mama. the movement calms them down and he will fall asleep. You can then set him down. Good luck

Tamara - posted on 06/05/2009




Of course you've not created a monster!! It's a matter of getting him in a new routine. It may take a while to find something new that works, and a little heart break from letting him cry it out, but it is changeable.
Good luck!

User - posted on 06/05/2009




When I notice my daughter getting sleepy for naptimes, I change her, give her a small bottle, and put her in her crib with a few quieter toys. She usually screams in protest for about 1 1/2 minutes, but then plays herself to sleep. It's a trick my mom had to use with my brother and she told me about. I don't leave toys in her crib at night, just for naps!

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