Have you ever had a miscarriage and then later had a baby and felt that it is the same baby?

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12 years ago I was unmarried and had just seperated from my abusive fiancee when I found that I was pregnant. Though I wasn't in an "ideal" situation to bring a baby into the world, I was over joyed and loved my baby from the moment I knew it existed and was going to do everything I could do to pull myself together and be the best mom AND dad I could be to my baby. Then, at 16 weeks I miscarried. This was the single most devastating experience of my life. It was something I thought I'd never get over. Then 8 years later after I was married and financially secure I had my daughter. From the first moment I looked into her eyes I KNEW she was the same baby I lost 8 years before. I knew it, no question. And, it wasn't something I had ever thought of as a possibility before. It had never occured to me that a miscarried baby could be born later. Some people may think that sounds crazy but it happened to me. I used to have dreams almost every night about my baby. I could see her face and saw her walking hand in hand with my Papaw. I cried until I had no tears. But then, after I had my daughter, those dreams stopped and I no longer mourn her loss. I no longer have to mourn losing her bc I have her here with me now! God gave her back to me! She is my miracle and an amazing blessing.


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i have had 2 misscarages my first 2 pregnancys i had lost .. i then later went and had 2 healthy baby girls over the nxt few yrs but then my son came along n when i was preggas wth him i couldnt stop thinking about jellybean (my second loss baby)..and i feel he is connected in some way with my jellybean he obviously had some greater purpose to leave me then but i truly fel he has come back in the form of my son dean ............. i know a lot of people would b reading this thinking thats just nuts n stupid but hey thats cool ......... thats just what i feel and funny thing is he wont eat lollies he hates them wth a passion the oly ones he eats is jellybeans his 3rd word was also jellybean call it a coincedence or a miricale but i know he is my little jellybean who came back to me

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oh that is so lovely i actualy cried! i would love to believe that is posable and i don't see why it couldn't be kind of like a reincarnate

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I had two miscarriages and one live birth now. I don't feel at all that my daughter is either one of those babies that I lost. They were their own little people who are in heaven now.


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I have had 8 miscarriages and 2 live births. All of the miscarriages were early on in the first trimester except the one I'm talking about in this post. With my 2nd child, my 2 year old boy, I didn't feel the same way. I didn't feel that he was one of the babies I miscarried. But I do feel so strongly that the baby I lost 12 years ago at 16 weeks IS my daughter, who is now 3 years old.
You might be right, it may be a coping mechanism. But I truly do believe that she is the same soul, given her 2nd chance at life. I have always felt that the babies I miscarried were in heaven, and still do, except for the one I'm speaking of who was given a 2nd chance.
Thank you all- I appreciate your comments. : )

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about 12 yrs ago i had a miscarriage i lost my baby at about 7 wks i did give up on wanting another try but my partner at the time insisted that we tried again we did and i got my little boy ryan i often believe that the soul of the child that dies or what ever happens waits for the next one i think that when you do lose a child or pregnancy there soul goes to the next one i do believe that ryan was not ready so he came back i do believe in life after death

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I miscarried 3 yrs ago and 2 months later I was pregnant again and have my son now. I get what you are saying, I think it a coping mechanism b/c what you went through was so hard. I am so sorry for your loss, BTW. However I know my other baby is in heaven looking down on his/her brother and sister now. God bless you!

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