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Amber - posted on 05/29/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

My son has just turned one and my husband and I have discussed having another child. I was VERY nausous with my son for at least 3 months of my pregnancy and it was just awfull. I tried everything anyone suggested and nothing worked it was 24hours a day sick too. I ended up getting pretty depressed in my pregnancy and cried most of the time. But once bubba came along I was heaps better with no postnatel depression or anything. I have spoken to my doctor about having another baby and my fear of being nausous again and she said that if I was sick with my first it is highly likely I will be sick with my second. I am worried for my son also as I could bearly look after my self at the time let alone another child! My husband is a hard worker and does long hours so I will have to do allot of it on my own. Due to health issues my specailist has been urging me to complete my family so I can go on stronger medication which has side effects to future pegnancy etc. So I feel like my clock is ticking and I do want to have another baby but I don't know how I am going to cope. Has anyone else been through something similar or have advice?



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Kate - posted on 05/30/2010




l had morning sickness so bad during my first pregnancy that l thought l would pass out. l've been pregnant 3 more times and l've had little to no sickness with any of them. My third pregnancy l felt a bit ill around 5 in the evening, but it was just a mildly upset stomach feeling.
Like everyone says, every pregnancy is different.

Alicia - posted on 05/30/2010




It's hard to say what a pregnancy will be like. I am currently pregnant and am much sicker than with my first (or at least I feel like it's worse but perhaps I have just forgotten!). It is hard to get thru the days but I just keep my "eye on the prize." I know it won't last forever and BOY and I counting the days till 16 weeks arrives (when I felt better last time). My son watches a lot of TV on my bad days and I am pretty lazy--house isn't as clean, laundry is not always done--but I feel like for the 1st trimester I just have to do what I have to do to get though. Do you have anyone who could help out? Maybe even a neighborhood kid who could come by in the afternoons to play with your son to give you a break?

I am sure knowing that it was more than just nausea last time is scary to face again. but if you can surround yourself by support, get some good medical advice and remedies before hand, remember it is all so worth it in the end. I think if you don't have another child, being that it seems you do really want one, you will likely regret it later.

Lisa-Marie - posted on 05/30/2010




Every pregnancy is different - so there is no telling if you will be sick or not. I wasn't sick at all for my first ( a boy) - my second (also a boy) I was sick the WHOLE 9 months and this is my third (a girl) and I had about 1 week of feeling a little sick. Good luck :)

Louise - posted on 05/30/2010




Every pregnancy is different. With both of my first pregnancies I felt nauseous but I was never actually sick and this stopped at about 12 weeks with my daughter oh my God! I was really really sick to the point of I did not want to move. All I could eat was fresh pineapple for weeks. I was so poorly I just wanted to curl up and cry. I thought it will be ok by 12 weeks but no I was rough until I was about 20 weeks.Go into this pregnancy with an open mind each one is different. Console yourself that the sicker you are the better the pregnancy is. Good luck!

Kelina - posted on 05/29/2010




I know that every pregnancy is different. There's a good chance you could get just as sick or sicker, or you could have very little nausea. I'm pregnant with my second child, and this ones been a lot rougher than the first, especially with having a baby to tkae care of. I had a hard time keeping anything down, had some bleeding and ended up being unable to do anything for two day till it stopped then had to be very careful. But one thing i have noticed is that i did end up severly depressed during my first pregnancy and I'm not during this one in part because of my son. because no matter how crappy i feel, no matter what kind of mood i'm in, he can do the smallest things to remind me that life is good and I am blessed becasue he's here. Like offering me his security blanket when he sees that i've been crying. Or blowing rasberries to remind me that other peoples opinions are crap and who cares anyway? and when he smiles, no matter what the weather, i can always smile back. It's your choice whether or not to have a baby, no one on here can tell you what to do, and it probably won't be easy, but try to prepare yourself beforhand. Take pleasure in little things, make sure you have a support system set up, and when life hands you lemons, blow rasberries at it. Good luck!
BTW, did i mention my son is only 15 months old?

Kristin - posted on 05/29/2010




While not exactly your situation, I do know it is different the second or third time around. There are anti-nausea meds you can take and lots of methods for handling depression (talk therapy, meds, a combination).

I would talk with your doctors about everything and get your options. Maybe seek out the opinions of other doctors too. Who knows, you may not need any of it the second time around.

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