Having some major BM drama! Anyone else??

Bri - posted on 04/15/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im so sick of when she phones for her child my soon to be SK. I msorry its like I hate hearing her voice just wish she'd be out of the pic. She acts like she is completely jealous. I stay at home , sometimes pick up babysitting once in awhile on the weekends for my friends who go out, but its a playmate for my SK. My child lives with their dad. But am going to be getting married here soon but if things wont change I feel like I dont have to deal with her why why why?


Shannon - posted on 04/15/2011




I don't have to worry about BM drama, but i am currently watching my BIL and his new GF go thru it with his ex. She is manipulative and always trying to cause trouble. I don't personally know your situation but speaking from my POV and what i am watching with my BIL i can give some outsider insight. My assumption ( always hate to ass-u-me :-P) is that she is jealous of the relationship you have with the child and the father of the child, knowing that he will be marrying and that there will never be a reconciliation between the two of them will be more of a reality. She probably realizes what she let slip away and would love to get under your skin and try to manipulate you into walking away so that she can worm back in.... Stand strong sister. Smile when you feel like poking her eyes out and remember that Karma is a bitch and she will reap what she sows. Unfortunately when there is a child involved you DO have to deal with the mother, its part of the package deal. Just heap love on the child and try to keep your tongue in check about "dear mommy" when SK is in earshot. Nothing like a little slip of the tongue to give her some ammo against you. Just try to be the bigger person, don't let her get under your skin, and don't let her cause issues in your relationship. Good luck :-)

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