"Having trouble putting my 18 month to bed at night."

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I been dealing with my toddler not wanting to go to bed at night after i turn all the light out. He seems to want to continue playing. He has 2 sibling that got to bed by 800-830, i seem to want to fall asleep before him, ive put him in his crib and he just cries, even tried laying with him but he wont stay down with me, i tried laying in his room while in his crib with tv on, and off. He sometime dont nap and is up through out the day. up by 830, any other suggestions.


Chet - posted on 07/24/2013




Don't try too many different things too close together. It's going to take time to establish a routine. Nothing is likely to work right away. Definitely avoid making the TV part of the bedtime routine though! I've always found that the big challenge to getting toddlers to sleep is finding a way to keep them still long enough for them to realise they are tired and drift off. I would suggest you find some things to do at bedtime that will keep your toddle still - stories and songs have mostly worked will for us, although we had one challenging child who had we had to take for a walk with a blanket over the stroller to make it dark. She'd fall asleep and then we'd take her home and transfer her into bed. Once she was a little older reading and songs started working.

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