He climbed out of his crib!

Kristin - posted on 09/26/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Two nights ago my 14 month old son crawled out of his crib and came running into my room at 2am. I was shocked. Thank GOD he came running to my room instead of the towards the steps. He finished the night in our bed.

Well, the next night i took off his door and put a baby gate in the door way cause it wouldn't fit with the door on. I also converted the crib into a day bed. The next night he did ok sleeping in the day bed, but i had to stay beside him on the floor for him to settle. he fell out of bed twice. (it's not a far drop at all).

So, tonight I went out and got one of the side rails for the bed so he wouldn't fall out again. there is a space where he can get in and out of bed with that side rail on. He had a fun time going in and out of bed. but after our bedtime routine and me putting him in his bed, all hell broke lose. he refused to stay in bed. he kept on getting down and trying to snuggle up to me on the floor. i took down the side rail after that happened for the 6th time. after a few times of putting him back in bed and him coming back to the floor, i put him in for the final time, gave him a hug and kiss and left the room.

he screamed for 25 minutes straight. i stayed close to his door in the hallway because i'm nervous that he is going to climb over the gate and into the hall. after those 25 minutes, he finally stops. about 10 minutes later, i stand up and peak in his room. I CAN'T SEE HIM!!!
i searched in the dimly lit room for him but couldn't find him. I know he was in there lol. i turned the hall light on quickly and spotted him. He fell asleep on the floor in front of the rocking chair!

any one else going through something similar? anyone climbing out of their cribs yet? i don't know what to do. I don't want him to get use to me sleeping on the floor and him needing me there to go to sleep. we got over that months and months ago but now it's back!

how can i help him sleep in his bed and not the floor?


Nete - posted on 09/26/2011




let him snuggle but in your bed...would be my first response.. our son started climbing out at 18 months, we converted his bed , found him on the floor, behind the door and so on ...finally we just got another bed next to ours ..nixed all the bed frames and have been co sleeping with both twins for a long time ..works great for us, no tears, but not everyone it geared to go that route...last week our now 3 1/2 daughter stated that she wanted to sleep in her own bed again and that was it ...off she went, no tears! Her brother are still a little reluctant ..he starts out in his own bed next to his sister, but sure enough by midnight he is back...but that's ok ..when he is ready he will follow his sister and what a nice transition on their terms ...

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