Healthy Children-WE ARE BLESSED!

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I'm having one of those days I would love to sit and cry. The kids have gotten into EVERYTHING! Everything I cleaned yesterday is no longer clean. They have eaten peanut butter out of the jar, put the dog food in the water dish, trashed the bathroom, spilled the filtered water (1 gallon) in the fridge, and I'm sure more as I was cleanning all this up. Days like today I'd love to throw my hands up and say I quit, I'm done! then I stop and think....
My kids are healthy enough to make this mess, my kids are healthy enough to get around, my kids can talk and yell, my kids can do things that some children will never be able to do! So for all of you who have days like this remember WE ARE BLESSED WITH HEALTHY ACTIVE CHILDREN! We are lucky, I know alot of Mom's who would love to have their children make these types messes.


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Christy - posted on 09/06/2010




Love it! Our babies won't be babies for long, enjoy every moment and God Bless 'em for the funny messes! (not so funny now, lol).

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yeah i hear you there.. my son technically has a form of cp.. he had a stroke during late pregnancy.. hes about to turn 3.. then we had another son 13 mos later, no problems.. hes almost 2 now.. theyre both loving kids, totally love each other, help everyone.. they teach each other words, physical activities. etc.. im very grateful for them praise God.. i remember finding out the second pg and being like really? like i can handle that right now lol.. but God knows what hes doing.. when we brought my younger son home, he was in the swing, and my older son pulled himself up on it for the first time ever!!. then a month later he was walking.. so yes my husband and i are totally grateful and thankful for how our sons are and have been developing, you wouldnt even know my older has some disabilities, phys i mean unless you see his braces..

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No problem denise! it was one of those moments either you turn your self around or the kids were going to be in BIIIIIIIIIIIG trouble lol. It just helps to write it down at times to remind myself!

Denise - posted on 08/27/2010




I second that Tasha! I love that you turned a bad day into a positive. Thats what I do and it helps me really focus on what is important in life. My husband works in another province and comes home once a month. People ask me, how do I do it? I tell myself...At least he has a job! So many people are loosing thier homes, etc. You have to find the positive in the negative. It all in your perception. Thanks for this positve thought.

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